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F1 2014 Difficulty Adjuster 2019-02-01

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What this file does is it makes the ai_track_difficulties.xml file in era_2013 readable and editable,It takes out all the non English nonsence and translates it to readable English.
This is especially useful if your pace is too slow for Legend AI (for example) but too fast for Expert (like my case).
Just go to F1 2014 folder -tracks,-difficulties,-era_2013 and replace the file there.
Remember to ALWAYS Backup your files beforehand.
when in the "tracks" folder the will be the era_2013 folder and another ai_track difficulties.xml folder DO NOT touch that,the one you need is in era_2013.
How To Edit Difficulties:
Open up the file with Notepad and you will see the difficulties together with some numbers all leading up to Legend with the default number being 1.0 (the fastest).
Just edit the number (the bigger the number the faster the AI) to your needs.
You are going to have to do some experimenting with It to find the perfect spot.
Edit the numbers by a very small amount,for example adding 0.1 to a number may make the AI up almost 1sec faster in some cases,so be very careful.
This is my very first mod so please share your opinion in the comments and reviews and make sure to message me if you encounter any issues I will try to help as much as i can.


Made possible by:Ego File Converter by ryder25
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Latest reviews

Excellent this helps because im too slow for ametour ai XD so i lower the settings and it helps... (sorry for bad english im indonesian)
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Good mod mate
Is there a way to remove automatic braking when you go off track?
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Thank you! Does this work if I play f1 2014 in Spanish language?
It work no matter what launguage!
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Thanks good mod can make the AI equal over all tracks
If you are meaning to keep the same performance for all tracks than sure! But on some tracks the AI are more difficult than others even if the number is the same (e.g Monza)
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