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F1 2013 FANTASY 2018 SEASON MOD 1.0

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Hello guys!!!
This is my 2018 fantasy mod for F1 2013!!!
What's in this mod:
- New drivers, teams' line-ups (fantasy), adjusted statistics of the drivers (up to January 2018)
- New skins
- More realistic AI, 8th gear in the cars
- New tracks confirmed by FIA
- More realistic damage, 2018 cars' times are comparatively as fast as 2017
- Increased difficulty (2 types of difficulties)
and so on...
Here is the sneak peek video of the mod:

Credits to:
- @talisman for making the helmets (except Magnussen and Gasly)
- @Marco17_ok for Magnussen's helmet
- @Dimitar Vitanov for Gasly's helmet
- @MrTheRacer for letting me base the skins on his cars
- @SkyFall for the Hockenheimring track
- @chianamik for the Mexico track base
- @Thang Nguyen for the Paul Ricard track
- @NeffO76 and @Daniel Paez for the rest of the tracks
and so on...

Known issues:
- No new F1 logo, because I prefer the older one a little bit. I will add the new logo on my fantasy 2019 mod
- There's no HALO in F1 2013, so there's no HALO in this mod as well. You can simulate it by your DIY devices.
- Drivers and teams are not realistic. Of course, this mod is FANTASY, not REALISTIC.
- When you accelerate the time, the AI's will go 5-7 seconds slower. They WON'T improve their time. I have NO idea on how to fix it.
- You have to download 4 PARTS of the tracks to make the mod work properly.

Anyway, I hope you ENJOY this mod and give me feedbacks if there's anything wrong when playing it.

SPOILER: My modded 2018 career results:
Thang Nguyen
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Latest reviews

Hey bro, only if i accelerate the time the cars go slower? Good mod!
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Yes, accelerating time is not recommended in this mod.
i dont know why creators doesnt explain in a tutorial how to install the mods
hola, perdon por no escribir en ingles, no tengo experiencia. el mod esta muy trabajado.. y estuve buscando soluciones, pero.. se pudo reparar baku y mexico? no me cargan. solo por esos dos, no doy el 100% :D
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Use el traductor de Google para traducir la solución que le di a alguien en mi mod de 2018 parte 2
Nice mod, can you do this mod too for F1 2014 ?
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
Thank you for your 5-star review.
I don't know if I can create this mod for F1 2014, because of the "handling" of the cars...
However, I'm now coming up the idea of the fantasy F1 2019 mod of F1 2013. Are you looking forward to it?
Thang Nguyen.
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