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F1 2007 SEASON MOD 1.3

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Hi guys :))
As you know, there's the 2007 mod for F1 2012 and F1 2014... so why not for F1 2013?
So here I introduce you... the F1 2007 Season Mod for F1-2013 game!
Thanks to @PedroXIII for many stuffs, @Cromiell for the realistic damage mod and @Wilmer Chavez for the Toyota skin base
What this mod includes:
- The official 2007 drivers, teams and season calendar.
- More realistic AI and damage
- Updated track sponsors close to the year of 2007.
- Updated drivers' stats after the 2006 season (only Alonso is the champion (up to then) that competed in the 2007 season)
- Realistic drivers' helmets, car liveries, drivers', pitcrew and racecrew suits
- No DRS and KERS (as they hadn't been introduced to F1 yet) but there's still DRS for the Abu Dhabi track
- Young Drivers' Test database (which enables KERS for the Red Bull, Ferrari and McLaren teams)
- The Abu Dhabi track is moved into the classic tracks.
- Updated language file (only English) and the minicars logos (appear in the drivers' and constructors' standings)
- New tracks: Texas as Indianapolis (hosted the 2007 USA GP), Delhi as France (updated sponsors and grass), Suzuka as Fuji (hosted the 2007 Japanese GP) and the Istanbul circuit for the Turkish GP
- Updated the F1 logo
and so on...
F1_2013 2019-06-24 15-44-25-368.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-24 15-44-34-820.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-24 15-53-30-074.jpg
F1_2013 2019-06-24 16-13-08-657.jpg

You must install the Track Pack otherwise the game will crash in Turkey!

Known issues:
- The tracks are not 100% correct compared to real life.
- You must install this mod:, set the rules to "disabled" and NEVER use 1-shot quali when playing in Turkey. As this track is not available in F1-2013.
- Otherwise, set the rules to "corner cutting only" in "my F1" option.
- The garages are still there (unchanged) and the young drivers test teams are original as well (I was too lazy to make those stuffs, sorry :( )
If you have more questions, you're ready to post comments on this mod.
Have fun!
Thang Nguyen.
Thang Nguyen
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Nice mod :) thank you!
Thang Nguyen
Thang Nguyen
:)) you're welcome. Tomorrow I'll update this mod bcoz the tyres are still Pirelli ;)
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