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F1 2007 SEASON MOD 1.3

F1 2007 mod for F1 2013

  1. Added Vettel option, new tyres and new .ctf files

    Thang Nguyen
    As you can see, after the 2007 European Grand Prix, Vettel became Toro Rosso's main driver replacing Scott Speed. This is an add-on to this mod (the stock mod has Scott Speed) with Vettel in, Speed out.
    Added Vettel's picture and helmets and adjusted his performance so that Vettel beat Liuzzi quite often.
    What's more, added the new tyres (in @Pedro XIII 's mod), credits to him
    Also, I added the new .ctf files for those who want to drive faster. If you don't like it plz...
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  2. Added the "Reduced HP"

    Thang Nguyen
    I added the "Reduced HP" option, for those who find the AI's too fast.
  3. Added the Old Silverstone option

    Thang Nguyen
    Added the option of using the 2010 instead of 2013 layout. Note that the pitlane used is still from 2013
    Thanks to @Millsy24 for the mod
    Remember to install the track pack first!
    Cheers ^^
    F1_2013 2019-06-26 20-26-34-961.jpg F1_2013 2019-06-26 20-26-41-475.jpg
  4. Added Bridgestone tyres

    Thang Nguyen
    In ver 1.0 the tyres are still Pirelli so I added the Bridgestone tyres that all the teams used in 2007.
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