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F1 1988 Skins, Performance & Reliability, & more! 1.02

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Formula 1 1988 Mod:

Skins, Performance Variations, Mechanical failures, Talent files & LED dash on selected cars.

for Stock Car Extreme

by KMW

Version 1.02

In this readme file:
1) Credits
2) Changes in this version
3) About this skin set
4) How to install
5) Setting your AI difficulty
6) About the Offline skinset
7) Previous changes
8) Known Issues


As always, thanks to Reiza for the original templates & files used to paint these skins & create the updates.
The electronic dash part of this mod is an adaptation of my GSC2012 version, and Nick of Reiza is to thank for his original help in accessing Reiza's digital dash files.


2) Changes in this version:

Driver Talent and Car Performance figures completely re-worked to create a more consistent challenge against teammate and other opponents, and when swapping between different cars.


3) About this 1988 Skin set:

This mod contains 27 F1 1988 skins, and includes veh, talent, & amended engine files.

NO original files are overwritten by this mod. It will create a separate menu heading and your default Formula Classic cars will still be intact.

There are two sets to choose from -
1) single player version - use these offline if you want the best, 'realistic' performance variation between the cars. In this set, the Mclarens will usually be out front, and cars such as the West and Osella will be near the back of the grid. You will be unlikely to score points in an Osella, but your challenge is against your team mate and other backmarkers, and you will also need to watch your mirrors & drive your own race without getting in the way of Senna/Prost etc when they lap you;
and if you choose a front running car such as McLarne or Ferrari, then you should expect to be winning or getting in the points, so your challenge will vary depending on the car you drive.

2) multiplayer version - all car physics are default, so cars will be identical - use these for online leagues, or offline if you want close racing with default car behaviour (race order may not be realisitc to 1988 though, as AI lap times will be very close without the addition of power/aero variations).

This is version 1.00. The talent files and performance variations may still need some adjusting, but it is now working well enough for some good 1988 F1 racing.


4) How To install:

I recommend a mod manager such as Jonesoft Generic Mod Enabler - it will install or remove this mod automatically for you and the files provided here are already in the correct structure.

IMPORTANT - if you already have my 1991 skins mod installed, make sure it is at least ver 2.55 - there may be a conflict of files if you have earlier versions of the 1991 mod installed.

*** This mod will not overwrite any default files, and will not conflict with my 1991 mod as long as it is VER 2.55 or later!***

Manual installation:

Simply copy the contents of each folder into the original reiza folders i.e:
Copy the reiza0888.rFm & reiza0888.tga files into the rFm folder
Copy entire contents of Vehicles\F_Classic folder into the default Vehicles\F_Classic folder
Copy the Talent\F_Classic88 folder into the default Talent folder

No files are overwritten by this mod.

*** Again, Both my 1991 F1 mod (ver2.55 or later) and this 1988 F1 mod can be safely installed without conflicting with each other or with any default Reiza files.


5) SETTING YOUR AI Difficulty level:

Important - you can enjoy this mod on whatever settings you choose, but to feel the best effect of the performance variations, try the following settings:

i) Aggression of AI should be set on low - this is F1, it should be non contact, and it will help the AI drive more cleanly. DON'T WORRY that this is a low setting - with the performance differences, the AI will still overtake backmarkers/slower cars far easier & I think, more realistically than usual.

ii) *** Ensure that you match your ability to your teammate. ***
For example, if you choose to drive in Alboreto's Ferrari, then you should go to a PRACTICE session (not Test Day! as this is too easy compared with a race event) and make sure that it is *extremely* difficult in a practice session, on low fuel, to beat your team mate, Gerhard Berger in the other Ferrari.
If you are competing easily with your teammate in Practice, then you need to go back to main menu and raise the difficulty.

Once you have it set correctly, you will find the other cars' performance is correct compared to your car - and if a McLaren then passes you like you are standing still, you are probably nearer the correct setting! (unless you are in the other McLaren LOL).


6) About the Offline Skinset:

The performance of each team has been varied slightly. This means that, as in the 1988 season, the McLaren will have a bit more power, be capable of braking later into the turns, & be aerodynamically more efficient, while cars further down the grid will be less capable in these areas. Of course I know the real cars had far more differences than this, but this is the most predicatable and consistent way to create the necessary variation, while still retaining the original physics and handling on each car.

I am aware this will not be to everyone's taste, but I find the end result works very well. But if you don't like it, you can choose the 'multiplayer' cars included in this mod instead. These contain skins and talent files only, and use default physics files.

Using the performance variations has the following effects:

- it creates a wider and more realistic spread of lap times between the pole and last position car.

- for offline racing, the biggest benefit is that it assists the faster AI to overtake the slower ones. So instead of seeing the leaders stuck behind a backmarker, sometimes for several laps, they are now generally able to overtake and lap the slower car more quickly. Yes, they will still get caught up sometimes, especially on twistier circuits, as the slower cars have no awareness of the need to let the faster car past, but the problem is much reduced, & the overtake is now completed quite easily on a fast section of the track and usually in less than a single lap. It's still important to use the included talent files, as the combination of the two are what produce the overall improvement.

[On the other hand, if only talent files are used to vary the AI, then that variation remains small at best, usually hundredths or tenths of a second, which is not realistic for F1, and it results in the pack staying closer together. More often than not, it's only cars that have pitted for repairs that are ever caught by the leaders,and when this happens, they can hold up the leaders for a very long time, or sometimes the lead cars are content to stay behind the slower car till the end of the race. Of course, some good overtakes will still be seen occasionally, but there are some frustrating blockages when lead cars are held up by backmarkers, and it often ends up adversely affecting the result of the race, and spoils the feeling of realism for the Human player].

So choose your seat carefully, and don't expect to win if you choose to drive a Coloni!

Cars Included:

01 piquet lotus
02 nakajima lotus
03 palmer tyrrell
04 bailey tyrrell
05 mansell williams
06 patrese williams
09 ghinzani west
10 schneider west
11 prost mclaren
12 senna mclaren
14 streiff ags
15 gugelmin leyton house
16 capelli leyton house
17 warwick arrows
18 cheever arrows
19 nannini benetton
20 boutsen benetton
21 larini osella
22 decesaris rial
23 martini minardi
24 perez-sala minardi
25 arnoux Ligier
26 johansson Ligier
27 alboreto ferrari
28 berger ferrari
31 tarquini coloni
36 caffi scuderia italia


7) Previous changes:

Ver 1.01
14/12/15: Adjusted performance of several cars/drivers (in particular, Nannini was too fast, Martini & Palmer were too slow, plus others).

Ver. 1.0 by KMW 2015


8) Known issues

Some graphical errors still to be fixed (for example Mclaren logo and some other trim lines need lining up properly)
Some sponsor stickers still to be added/amended.

Some teammates may still not be accurately matched yet, further adjustments may be needed.

Nannini/Boutsen still too fast compared to Senna/Prost.

Larrousse and EuroBrun teams not yet included

Latest updates

  1. F1 1988 Skins, Performance & Reliability, & more!

    Ver 1.02 Car performance figures & driver talent files completely reworked to create a more...

Latest reviews

As for all your mods, this one really helps improves the whole GSC experience. Thanks for your work!
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Excellent mod. Thanks
Upvote 0
Great, thx for the skins and perfomances of 1988! It’s so nice to race these cars with proper textures, real names and driver skills. One thing I experienced in 2-3 races so far: Alboreto is quite strong, often qualifies 3rd place (behind the Maccas) and is better than Berger. Don’t know if that was the case in 88? Anyway…really appreciate this mod!
Thanks for the feedback & I'm glad you're enjoying it. Overall I think Berger should be stronger than Alboreto. There seems to be a random element programmed into the code (which is a good think I think) so it cannot be completely controlled, but I will definitely take a look at those numbers for the next update. there is always room for some adjustment.
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