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Easy To Understand Mod 1.0

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This mod makes the game more easy to understand. Tyres have now got names that literally mean what the tyres are used for. Also contract offers have little reminders
about what could happen if you changed teams. A more advanced mod like this to come. By chessmaster02. Any bugs please report.
Copy the language folder to your F1 2014 folder and overwrite.
Fast Tyres.gif

Endurance Tyres.gif
Tyres on the run.gif

Latest reviews

Great mod for people whose language isn't in the game! Thanks!
This is really fricking unnecessary, anyone who plays this game should know what they means, this is just a waste of everything, including faith in humanity
3 5 stars against 2 1 stars. 5 Stars wins
Thank you!
Thank you so much!
Is this necessary ? Please don't pollute the forum with redudant mods.
Some people actually appreciate these kind of mods (I have given the link to a few people I know and they love the mod due to the fact they now can understand the game better) and I would find trying to teach a friend or family member how to play is actually easier with this mod. So if you don't like the mod well don't download it.
Finally you post some pictures! For that alone 5 stars :) and please stop making MODS for more rain.We have plenty of rain in game lol
I did one mod for more rain. And if you actually read it the mod actually makes freak weather happen. E.g. the temperature can hit 40 degrees Celsius like in Australia and India. Also the wind speeds are increased. Also BTW that is kind of rude about the whole thing that just because this mod has photos it deserves 5 stars. I put time and effort into these mods and often the ones I don't put in photos are because a. There is nothing to take a photo of or b. I am making an even better mod. If you want photos up here simple. Download the mod, share you photo or PM me and I will straight away put up the mod with a caption saying who the screenie was taken by. OK. I am making a more advanced mod for those die hard F1 Fans right now. I am awaiting a response from a few people about a few things in My F1 2015 mod (driver photos, correct flags etc). Thanks CHESSMASTER02 OUT!
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