Drivers Randomizer 1.1

Live a fresh experience every new game

  1. EddieStyle
    A simple executable that generates a Drivers.txt with randomized pilots, with the option of generating random staff as well

    - Full Randomization: Every stat is randomized: Names, Skills, Traits, Nationalities, Ages, Aspect, etc
    - Gameplay Keeper: Every team will get pilots according to their rank. You ll always have 4*+ pilots on the top teams and they will get worse on lower ranks teams, all the way to Predator Racing.
    - Lore Friendly: Teams with certain descriptions will maintain those features. A team that claims to have young talented pilots will have exactly that, or if you choose Silva racing for example, drivers will always be Brazilian/Portuguese, and they will be fighting each other as the game begins.
    -Realistic: Nothing is left to chance: Young pilots will be more likely to have potential, and more stars to gain compared to older pilots, appearence will be matching their race, etc
    -Balanced: Pilots that requires higher tiers of scouting facilities will be on average better. Pilots available from the beginning of the game with no facilities will have no chances of being spawned in a Rodriguez-like fashion, with high stats and high marketability at the same time. No more overpowered pilots.
    -Fully Compatible: you should be able to safely use this with any other mod, just load the txt files on your modded resource.assets
    -Staff Randomization

    Reference forum thread:
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Recent Reviews

  1. RyushoYosei
    Version: 1.1
    I have tried to use this, but using this, just seems to make the game crash, even when following the instructions perfectly.
  2. Akro
    Version: 1.1
    Excellent work !
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