Death Proof skin + Hoonigan window sticker + American flag & posters 1.1

Death Proof, Murica & Hoonigan. +Ferndale Skin

  1. Sokoloft
    -----------------------------=DEATH PROOF SKIN=---------------------------

    Pretty simple, just a lazy death proof skin.
    Now with Ferndale skin as well.

    Screen-Shots here:

    Manual Install only for Ferndale,
    it's fairly simple if you're competent.
    (for Ferndale skin ofc)

    I also included an American flag to replace the Finnish flag and 3 posters to replace the stock ones.

    poster1 is a 82'nd airborne recruitment poster.
    poster2 is a bad company 2 advertisement.
    poster3 is a Five Finger Death Punch poster I found online signed by the band.

    ---------------------------=RECOMMENDED MODS=-------------------------

    These are a bunch of mods that are great and that I have apply'd to my game.
    Some in the screen-shots, some not.

    If you want to replace the beer assets, Devils17 has a bunch of different types. This is just one, here

    New tachometer position, can be found here

    Roof Rack mod, can be found here

    Subwoofer Panel Re-Texture, found here

    (AB&B) Assorted bits and bobs, found here

    (MSW) More stickerable windows, can be downloaded here

    You can find my other mod here, it's a re-texture of the in game assets. Replaces fluid brands and some other misc textures.

    I also have a Pine Tree Air Freshner mod that replaces the Fur Dice, check it out here.


    Copy all the contents of the zip file to your "my summer car\Images" dir.

    To ensure it's working, hit F5 at the main menu, if you see the satsuma skin than it's working.

    To install the Ferndale skin you're going to need
    (UAE), it can be found here.

    You're also going to need the file, it can be found here.
    If you want the black interior it can be found here,
    courtesy of @Roman266

    Extract everything to your desktop and open (UAE).

    Open Assets-file, navigate to your:
    "my summer car\mysummercar_Data" folder and open sharedassets3.assets

    Once that's done there's two box's in the bottom right.
    One is checked, one isn't.
    Un-check Flip,
    and check Enabled.
    (that way you get a preview and the program doesn't flip the texture)

    There's a search box in the bottom left, search for muscle_paint.tex,
    once you locate it, right click the highlighted bit and click
    "Import this file from original format" click "ok" then right click it again, and click
    "Import this file from DDS"
    Click "Ok" Again. We're almost done!

    Towards the top right theres a Save as Assets-file option, click it and save it as sharedassets3.assets on your desktop for now.

    Once that's done, close (UAE) and go back to your "mysummercar_Data" folder.

    Rename the sharedassets3.assets in there to sharedassets3.assets.backup.

    That way if you want the stock game assets back you can rip them out of your backup by putting it on your desktop and removing the .backup to make it a .assets file again.

    With that done finally move your modded sharedassets3.assets file into your "mysummercar_Data" folder.

    If you can't figure out these very simple instructions then I can't help you!
    Google and YouTube might be able to though.


    ------------------------------=FUTURE UPDATES=-----------------------------

    I plan to change the color of the Satsuma skin.
    It's a little too bright for my liking.

    The Ferndale skin is really odd at how I had to put
    the skull on. It's mirror'd. So I still need to mess
    with the positioning but for now it works. Just looks a little
    strange at times when looking at it from the front.

    This should be common sense, but please if you intend on using my content in yours.
    Ask me first!
    As well as, do not re-upload my content to any other site without my permission.
    Ask me first!
    I hope you understand, thanks so much! :D
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