1. M

    Hoonigan - 23 1

    A JDM stile livery for a Toyota Supra JGTC downloadable here: https://ac.totsugeki.com/post-8705/
  2. MajkiMajk

    Lexus GT3 #43 Hoonigan Racing Divisio 2021 1.0

    Hi, Request for SuperArrowNerd hopes u like it. Drivers: Ken Block and Alex Gelsomino
  3. I

    Ken Block #43 Skin for VRC 1989 Auriel GTO 1

    It's a shame Ken Block couldn't drive the 1989 Audi 90 IMSA GTO when he was at Audi Tradition a while back. So why not take his 2021 livery and put it on the VRC Auriel GTO mod?
  4. bertrenzo

    Ford Escort Hoonigan 1

    Hello guys, I've tried to reply the ford escort of Ken Block than he used for the Cossie world Tour. I've a little bit modified something on the mod, for example the lateral glass, and something else, but them are so similar. If you want to change something you can do as you want without asking...
  5. morado77

    Rob Parsons - Chairslayers 2017 1

    Hey les gens ! Replique de la deco de Chairslayer pour la Nissan 180sx du nouveau pack de =AZWQM9Cja2znmH1n4JbzTfc9fbDqq9DdQmVoTWuLKUP2O2X5XoUQyl9JluwH2xiIcXMmWoZ--siHITfa81IBaZR0jKnhntY8-KLxZMo0bNTKDtDLzHtfWXgwhMQRZAXBE1LzrvrURWKvYm6SuLWSGX6rb16h8NrtHVQfMuHsIsyEcg&__tn__=kK-R']Virtual Drift...
  6. catalin19012003

    Ford Mustang Hoonigan 2020-05-19

    Download the rar,create an empty folder in:game folder/content/cars/ks_ford_mustang_2015 and extract the download there.
  7. H

    AMR V8 GT3 - Hoonigan 2020 Troy Lee Designs Livery 2020-05-18

    My very first livery on ACC using the AMR V8 guide (https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/guide-amr-v8-vantage-gt3-2019-livery-guides-wip.33114/) that I did, could create one of the most badass liveries I've ever seen. Ken Block's '91 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A - Livery by: Troy Lee...
  8. derick_pereira

    Ford Fiesta ST (Gymkhana Ten) 1.0

    Also available for Assetto Corsa but can anyone help me find the download link for this car mod: Rallyworld Ford Fiesta WRC 2017 Instructions: Open the f8x.nefs file with the NefsEdit tool Select: cars/models/f8x/Livery_00/textures_high Replace all 5 pssg files: f8x_tex_gr_high_00.pssg...
  9. morado77

    Hoonigan Ken block ford escort 2020-03-28

    Voila nouvelle déco 2020 de Ken block Skin disponible pour la ford escort rs 92
  10. Nclsbrn89

    Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 Widebody Ken Block 4K 1.0

    Fictional skin for Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 (navi_ford_sierra_rs500_tt) Better render with last Sol and Csp Hope you guys like it
  11. shadow118

    Mercedes-Benz 190E Hoonigan 1.0

    Hoonigan livery for the Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo2, in the style of Ken Block's Group A Ford Escort
  12. shadow118

    GAZ 24-10 Volga Hoonicorn V2 1.1

    Hoonicorn livery on a Volga... It's a bit of a weird combination, but actually turned out looking really good Both cars have kinda similar body shapes, so the livery worked out. I substituted the Ford logos with Gaz logos, as that seemed more appropriate :) You can download the car here -...
  13. shadow118

    Ford GT40 Gymkhana 1.0

    a Fictional Gymkhana livery for the Ford GT40. If they every wanted to top the Hoonitruck, a Ford GT would definitely be a contender...
  14. shadow118

    Ford Sierra RS500 DTM Hoonigan 1.0

    Ford Sierra RS500 Hoonigan, inspired from Ken Block's Ford RS200. I used the McRae Sierra livery as a base similarly how the Hoonigan RS200 uses a modified group B livery
  15. derick_pereira

    Ken Block Hoonigan Racing Division ARX 2018-10-22

    Extract the rar file Go to - Project CARS 2 - Vehicles - Textures - CustomLiveries Replace the 'ford_focus_rx_livery' DDS file
  16. shadow118

    BMW E36 Hoonigan "Sh!tcar" 1.0

    Recently started watching "TheHoonigans" channel and just had to make this - the infamous E36 "Shitcar" :)
  17. shadow118

    Ken Block's Ford RS200 1.0

    Ken Block's Ford RS200. After watching a video about it, I decided to make this livery
  18. Ronnoc8

    [HOONIGAN] Escort Skin for the Jonnez ES 1.2

    Jonnez ES version of this skin: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/hoonigan-escort-skin-for-the-satsuma.20446/ Just put it in the Images folder under the game folder.
  19. Ronnoc8

    [HOONIGAN] Escort Skin for the Satsuma 1.1

    Here's a skin for the Satsuma I have been using in MSC. This skin was based off of Ken Block's Escort MKII. Let me know if you see any problems.
  20. shadow118

    [HOONIGAN] Escort Mk2 1.1

    Ken Block's Hoonigan Escort Mk2. I recently made this skin for Assetto Corsa (on a Mk1 Escort though), so making it for DiRT Rally was easier, because I could reuse all the graphics I made for AC. At least here it's on the correct car :D I am aware, someone had already done this livery, but...