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More stickerable windows 04.09.2017

Ability to add stickers on rear windows and windshield

  1. Roman266
    This mod add ability to add stickers on side rear windows and windshield.

    Install using mod installer(only for 04.09.17):
    1. Put "MoreStickerableWindows040917.exe" in root game(for me it: D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\My Summer Car);
    2. Run mod installer and install mod;
    3. Copy new window_sticker.png in My Summer Car\Images

    Manually install(for any version): instruction inside.

    Why mod installer install mod not correct?
    I'm doing mods only for main(not experemental) Steam version of game.
    After any game update/quickfixes mod installer need make again.
    Usually after game update in few days developer of game releases hotfixes. I'm update my mods after few days after last hotfixes.
    So if mod installer install mod not correct - most likely game developer released update and mod installer not updated for new version.

    Why mod installer detected as a virus?
    My Summer Car officially not support mods, so you can't just download mod and put it in mods folder.
    My Summer Car made using Unity3D game engine. Game resources in Unity3D packed in game archives(as in others modern games), which can't possible open by ordinary archivers. For edit Unity3D game archives there are Unity Assets Bundle Extractor, I and other mod makers use it for make mod installer. So why it detected as a virus? Mod installer make changes in game files(viruses make changes in Windows OS files) and it can be detected as a virus.
    Yes, it does not sound very convincing, but:
    1. You can use manually install;
    2. This mod download many people and no one complaint, that my mod deleterious or steals accounts. I start make mods for My Summer Car from november 2016;
    3. You can make own mod installer and scan it on viruses, you will get same result as my installer;
    4. You can scan mods with mod installer by others mod makers, you will get same result as my installer;
    5. You can use Sandboxie for control, what files will be changes(viruses make changes in Windows OS files, mod installer make changes in game files) or VM VirtualBox for use mod installer, then delete virtual Windows OS(for users with maximum degree paranoia).

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sokoloft
    Version: 31.07.2017
    Great mod, just weird when looking through multiple windows. Sometimes the images can overlap and disappear. Any chance you would do a mod to also enable the door windows to be sticker-able?
    1. Roman266
      Author's Response
      I'm not sure, but you can tried add texture to door windows in MSTuner..
      Also you always can edit windows_pbo in sharedassets1, but stickers may added to other transport too..
  2. LuisMaster
    Version: 31.07.2017
    Update for recent versions?
    1. Roman266
      Author's Response
      It already updated for latest main(not experimental) game version. Experimental game version updated too often.
  3. McNasty
    Version: 17.04.2017
    Right on, good job. I posted a Mud skin today on the skin sharing page on steam, any chance of making a window that's cracked and muddy?
    1. Roman266
  4. y tho
    y tho
    Version: 20.03.2017
    best mod ever now we get front datsun stickers GREAT LOVE IT!