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Pine Tree Air Freshner

Pine Tree Air Freshner 3.0

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-------------------------------=Pine Tree Air Freshner(new3.0)=-------------------------------



Actual Products found here & here.


Actual Products found here & here.


Actual Products found here & here.

If you have any scent suggestions, please let me know!


Ensure you have mod loader 0.4.3 or newer, found here.

Just drag and drop the files in the PTAF-V3.0.zip file to your mods Dir.

Go to Assets>PTAF and re name the textures you want to "tree1" and "tree2". tree1 being the top, and tree2 being the bottom.

----------------------------=Planned Features & Bugs=------------------------

Eventually I'll add the ability to change the texture in game via the mod menu's gui, just not atm.
Changing the file name is just super simple right now and works.

At high speeds, the model sort of flips about. I would imagine this will take a lot to fix.

Cork is a little dark, due to only having one material on the model from what I was told. Again, would take a lot to fix.

@Kubix Original Creator of the mod, located here.

@piotrulos For taking the time to converse with me here on the racedepartment site, doing pretty much all of the c# work for the plugin and conversion for the model. Check out his mods here!

Special Thanks to @Roman266 for getting the original .dat file back, so we had something to start with.

@Sokoloft Myself, for the little tree textures.

This should be common sense, but please if you intend on using my content in yours.
Ask me first!
As well as, do not re-upload my content to any other site without my permission.
Ask me first!
I hope you understand, thanks so much! :D

Latest updates

  1. Pine Tree Air Freshner 3.0 (Modloader)

    -------------------------------=Pine Tree Air Freshener(new3.0)=-------------------------------...
  2. Pine Tree Air Freshner 2.0 (Modloader)

    -------------------------------=Pine Tree Air Freshner(new2.0)=-----------------------...

Latest reviews

i really wanted this mod but idk how to download :(
Awesome mod! Looks great! It would be awesome if there were "Peppermint" and "Ocean Breeze" scents. Thanks!
Looks much better than the default dice. Thanks for a great mod.
Okay, I got trough installation, but loveful green textures are upside down and mirrored. Ah, I was use UnityEx, not AssetsExplorer.
Okay, now they are cubes.
Sorry, I updated the install instructions! Hope you got it working!
game is no loading
Then you did not follow the install instructions properly. Post in the support section...
looks great, I would love it if there was a ''new car'' one
Thanks for the suggestion! I've updated the post with the New Car Scent texture. Enjoy!
didnt install it right 2nd or 1st time, got it 3rd and it looks great
Thanks, and yes it's a weird install. Idk how it works myself.
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