Database Tweaks 1.0

Moved Kimi Räikkönen to Ferrari and Felipe Massa to Lotus and a few other minor tweaks.

  1. einogm
    Will corrupt your save game. Backup files.


    - Moved Kimi Räikkönen to Ferrari
    - Moved Felipe Massa to Lotus
    - Changed Nico Rosberg's nationality to Finnish (as his father Keke is a Finn)
    - Made Räikkönen a bit stronger driver and reduced Alonso's skill just a bit lower.

    Note: due to game restrictions for example when you are driving as Räikkönen he will have Massa's helmet and clothes. However, during cutscenes and in garage they are correct.


Recent Reviews

  1. Disselli
    Version: 1.0
    Please, can you help me? I need to change Mika Hakkinen name in database.bin to Nelson Piquet, all graphic stuff is ready. Thank you so much
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