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Pink Sauber F1 1.0

Red replaced with pink. Changed and removed some sponsors.

  1. einogm
    Install to F1 2013\cars\sa2\livery_main\textures_high
    Please make backup of your original file.

    You can use this in any way, just credit me, if possible, if you do so. Please note, this is only car skin. Gloves, pit crew and garage still have the red stripes instead of pink.

    Version 1.0 - First release
    - Removed sponsor Claro (telecommunications)
    - Removed sponsor Telmex (telecommunications)
    - Removed sponsor Pirelli (tyre supplier)
    - Removed sponsor Chelsea FC (sports club)
    - Added sponsor DNA (telecommunications)
    - Added sponsor Iltalehti (newspaper)
    - Added sponsor Bridgestone (tyre supplier)
    - Retained sponsor NEC (electronics)
    - Retained sponsor FIA Action for Road Safety (organization)
    - Retained sponsor Oerlikon (electronics)
    - Changed red color to pink (DNA's main color)

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