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Craig Breen's Volkswagen Polo R5 - Ypres rally  2019

Craig Breen's Volkswagen Polo R5 - Ypres rally 2019 1.2

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This is Craig Breen's Volkswagen polo R5 which he used to win the 2019 Ypres rally in Belgium. The Ypres rally is a longstanding event held every year on tarmac, and is now a renowned international rally.

Here is Breen's Polo R5:

Here is how it looks ingame:

To install, simply unpack the "pr5" file in your "cars" folder in your local game folders. This livery replaces the first livery of the Polo.

The pr5_main_s file as been made by Frontloda, which has been kind enough to make it with the proper canals and dds file!

I know it's not perfect, especially since there are a lot of details, but I hope you enjoy!
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Latest updates

  1. pr5_main_s and roof scoop update

    This update changes the roof scoop so that the irish flag is only on top, like it is on the real...
  2. Minor fix

    Updated some textures not aligning properly and some minor clipping between elements, most...

Latest reviews

Great work, love it!
Nice livery, any plans for Marijan Griebel's Car from Rallye Luxembourg or Dennis Rostek's DRM livery?
Both using the same sceme with different Colours.
I can provide pictures if you need them :)
If you can wait a month I'll be happy to do it! Unfortunatly I won't be able to do liveries for the next few weeks because if other engagements but after that it will be my pleasure to do it :) I might event be able to start working on logos I can't find and to take a good look at picture so it will be faster to do when I can do liveries again.
Thx :)
20/10 ¡¡Gracias, y buen trabajo!!
thank you so much for this livery, been looking for a very similiar one (Marijan Griebel at Rallye Luxemburg 2019), and even considered to do it myself, but the geometry was too complex for me. nice work.
pr5_main_s could be improved, i used livery_01 as reference and removed the old stickers in the green channel and added the ones from this one.
Thanks for your comment! The XXX_main_s file as always been my biggest challenge to do, so I found that the way i do it now kinda works okay and is not to tough to do with Gimp, but I'll need to improve on that :) I'll try to improve it if I have the time soon!
Thx...Was waithing for this one
My pleasure :) It is a very beautiful livery IRL and I had to try to make it

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