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volkswagen polo

  1. tanel333

    Egon Kaur- Polo R5 WRC Rally Arctic Finland 2021 1.01

    UPDATED VERSION AVAILABLE Egon Kaur/Silver Simm Volkswagen Polo R5 Rally Arctic Finland 2021 livery. First livery i have ever made, hope you like it! Programs used: NefsEdit, Ego PSSG Editor and Photoshop.
  2. kekman

    Skoda Fabia WRC 2005 livery 1.0

    Installation: Extract zip file to: DiRT Rally\cars\models\pol\livery_00
  3. L

    Craig Breen's Volkswagen Polo R5 - Ypres rally 2019 1.2

    This is Craig Breen's Volkswagen polo R5 which he used to win the 2019 Ypres rally in Belgium. The Ypres rally is a longstanding event held every year on tarmac, and is now a renowned international rally. Here is Breen's Polo R5: Here is how it looks ingame: To install, simply unpack...
  4. marthchyld

    VW Polo R WRC v0.95b 2019-04-09

    Volkswagen Polo R WRC v0.95b This car replaces Volkswagen Polo GTI R5. Back up the original 'pr5.nefs' onto another folder before applying this mod. Copy over this 'cars' folder into your DiRT Rally 2.0 install directory.
  5. mesa

    P. Meieres Volkswagen Polo R5 1.0

    Volkwagen Polo R5 - Pedro Meieres - FaFe 2019 livery for DiRT Rally 2.0 It will replace the 2nd Polo R5 skin in the game. How to install: http://mesasartworks.hu/downloads/dirt-rally2/262-dr20-custom-liveries Or use "deLivery" car livery manager...