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Copa De Las Naciones Superturismo Megapack 1.0

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97
    This is the megapack of the copa de las naciones superturismo also known as the south american super touring car championship.The pack features cars from all 4 seasons of the series.The 2001 season only had one race and its not included.All skins have been converted from the copa de las naciones mod for rfactor.Credit for the skins goes to Copa De Las Naciones El Juego Official.

    Credit goes to:Copa De Las Naciones El Juego Official for their skins and permission
    Me for converting them
    Keep in mind that its a conversion so the skins are not 100% perfect.I have not included a readme file as i don't find it necessary.Have fun everyone Race_Steam 2015-07-21 00-18-34-74.jpg Race_Steam 2015-07-21 01-12-09-13.jpg Race_Steam 2015-07-02 22-07-26-56.jpg Race_Steam 2015-07-10 15-03-53-41.jpg
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  1. Dave R
    Dave R
    Version: 1.0
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