1994 Belgian Procar 1.0

Super Touring Cars

  1. Markano97
    This is the skinpack of the 1994 belgian procar.The grid is small at just 10 cars.Included is Vaclav Bervid's BMW entry who took part in the spa round of the championship but never started.The skins are not perfect there are a few logos missing on the cars

    Credits go to:Me for all the skins,the menu button and talent files
    AndreasFSC for his st mod

    I also want to thank satori who sent me a facebook page that has a lot of pictures of the procar and spa 24 hours

    Installation:Extract the files and place them in the Race 07 directory

    Race_Steam 2015-12-31 21-34-18-58.jpg Race_Steam 2015-12-31 21-35-16-92.jpg
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