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1995 Belgian Procar 1.0

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This is the skinpack of the 1995 procar.The grid is tiny at 8 cars.It is the smallest procar grid.
Note:The peugeot 405 may cause ctd issues.I can't fix the problems so if you have the same problem don't drive it in a race session.

Credits go to:Me for all the skins,menu button and talent files
AndreasFSC for his st mod

I would also like to thank the Franco Fan Collection page for all the photos of the procar.

Have fun!!!
Race_Steam 2016-02-29 21-15-58-65.jpg
Race_Steam 2016-02-29 21-19-32-40.jpg
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Latest reviews

Nice but it doesn't work ? I've got the ST seasons mod installed but the car don't show up and they crash the game ?
Hello there. Sadly this doesn't work anymore as it was made for an old version of the supertouring mod years ago. I've moved on from Race 07 since and i'm part of the FRM team(you can find both my page on fb @Markano97's page and the team's page @FRM - Furi Race Mods where we work on the GTR2 supertouring mod that features these as well as many more skinpacks. Thanks for the review my apologies i haven't updated it but as i said i'm not involved with Race 07 anymore.
Cheers and a Happy New Year!!
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