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Hey RD people, I really like zenodyk's LED Digi Light. It looks nicer than the standard display numbers and improves readability. But, because he has made only for Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes cars, I present to you my first resource: colornums.

Featuring custom color numbers for all 2012 teams!


*Above screenshot was printed with SweetFX. Colors will may differ.
  • How do I install it?
    Select your desired team folder and copy the archive "simple_fonts.pssg" inside to your "simplefonts" folder under F1 2012 directory. Usually is C:\Program Files\Codemasters\F1 2012\simplefonts. (If you are running F1 2012 under Steam, usually the folder is on C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\F1 2012\simplefonts). When Windows ask if you want copy and overwrite a file, accept it.

  • Something went wrong, or I don't like it. What do I should do?
    Follow the step above, but copy the archive "simple_fonts.pssg" from "Backup" folder instead.

  • Do colornums work for each team individually?
    No, the "simple_fonts.pssg" is used for every team. It's just on file for all cars and because of that, you cannot use each schema for each team. If you select Caterham schema and drives for Ferrari, you will have green and white colors instead red and yellow.

More infos on readme.txt file into zip archive.

Credits to zeno dyk for his work and for TotalFontGeek for font.

Hope you like guys! :thumbsup:
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