Cesana Sestriere Historic Hillclimb 0.6.1

Italian historic hillclimb

  1. Quick fix

    Had to do a quick fix to ui_track.json which had a wrong pit boxes number and to some flying grass which was done in a previous version of the track and never updated.
    Added a permanent online server, I've started with some mod cars since they were mostly for internal testing but I will rotate them trying to stick to kunos as much as I can! Requests are gladly accepted too, just drop me a message here.
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  2. Buildings and grass

    Been a long time since last update, added lots of things while new problems came out. Here's the changelog so far

    Finished all planned buildings, with a couple of extras in middle of the map
    Reworked side terrain
    Added 3d grass in 2 version. I couldn't be satisfied with lightning, and I made files for sun and for cloudy weather. default one is sun, to switch them just rename the (dark) ones.
    Moved pitboxes, since the initial idea was doing all the starting town but it's a bit more...
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  3. performance!

    performance issues should be solved, I can finally focus on trees and closing the track with the missing buildings and stuff
    added camera.ini and a new AI has been done
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  4. File Size

    Scaled googlemap.png and converted to .dds, gained a lot in track total size. Now track in a single file.
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  5. textures

    took away repeated textures, gained 190mb in file size
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