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Cesana Sestriere Historic Hillclimb

Cesana Sestriere Historic Hillclimb 0.6.1

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Cesana Sestriere Historic Hillclimb

Hello everyone, this is my first public track.
This is an early release, I have lots to do and will keep working as hard as I can.
The track is an historical uphill race near Torino linking up Cesana to Sestriere, home of the winter olympic games back in 2006, a very fast unforgiving 10km road. Hope you'll enjoy it like I do, both in real life and in Assetto Corsa.

** You're not permitted to upload these files anywhere else, or to convert, in whole or in part.
Instead, share a link to this page. Thanks.

If you wish to get me a cup of coffee, you can donate here and be the first to try new updates

Huge thanks to Umberto Giuffrida for track cams insights, and to the community at AssettoCorsaMods for all their help in moving my first steps in track modelling.

**To play online you need to load the track through ContentManager only for some reason, trying to figure out why**

Changelog 0.6
Finished all planned buildings, with a couple of extras in middle of the map
Reworked side terrain
Added 3d grass in 2 version. I couldn't be satisfied with lightning, and I made files for sun and for cloudy weather. default one is sun, to switch them just rename the (dark) ones.
Moved pitboxes, since the initial idea was doing all the starting town but it's a bit more complicated than it sounded at first.
Reduced pitboxes to 8.
Road is a double mesh now, physical and visual, with the physical one quite rough right now.
Added some spectators here and there.
Reworked replay cameras

Changelog 0.2
performance issues should be solved, I can finally focus on trees and closing the track with the missing buildings and stuff
added camera.ini and a new AI has been done

Changelog 0.15
solved filesize problems
solved most of duplicated textures problem

Changelog 0.1
main terrain is done and textured (for the time being)
trees are placed in correct spot
road signals done
main road texturing is done
buildings are 70% of the total, textured by materials and not yet baked
working AI for slow cars (150-160 km/h max)
10 pit boxes
DIP is in 600-1500 range, Batch Size is in 2500-5000 range

To-do list
_trees textures and shaders absolutely, started working on them
_baking buildings textures with AO map if I can finally make it work
_performance wtf! (working fine with me, but on older machines it will probably cause stuttering)

For really bad fps performance, right now, you can try taking out the first 2 grass file while leaving only grass3 (the border one) which is way lighter than the other 2.

NEW Screenshots and video




File size
406.6 MB
First release
Last update
4.70 star(s) 27 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Quick fix

    Had to do a quick fix to ui_track.json which had a wrong pit boxes number and to some flying...
  2. Buildings and grass

    Been a long time since last update, added lots of things while new problems came out. Here's the...
  3. performance!

    performance issues should be solved, I can finally focus on trees and closing the track with the...
  4. File Size

    Scaled googlemap.png and converted to .dds, gained a lot in track total size. Now track in a...
  5. textures

    took away repeated textures, gained 190mb in file size

Latest reviews

Longest loading track till this day. Needs a pc from NASA. Tks for sharing.
Very bad performance!
I love this track!
beautiful track with a very nice flow. The surface is very uneven but that's the charm of this track and it fits very well. I really like the track! more please because you can do that very well ;-)
Have to improve FPS performance, really bad near the start and until half part of the track.
Sorry, but the track deserves a five star rating.
ben fatta complimenti
Buen trabajo, un tramo muy divertido y bonito, da gusto.
very good layout good sensations good graphics
we believe it, quickly more ...
thank you :)
Stunning, such a great drive! Thank you
My favourite hillclimb. Excellent job!
really great job with Cesana Sestriere but could you fix hotlap saving? after the lap i quit but no saving
I'll look into it, I have no problem using content manager, all my laps are saved correctly.
Very nice mod, keep up the good work! Thank you!
Boy howdy, that's a hill climb I can get serious on. Good job.
Per essere il tuo primo tracciato devo dire che è davvero ben fatto.Complimenti!
E lo dico perchè anche io ho creato alcuni tracciati e so quanto è difficile la realizzazione, continua così! ;)
Thanks a lot for this hillclimb track . When I was young I assisted to the victory of Gerhard Mitter and Rolf Stommelen. I recognized in your work the green where I was sit to see the passage of the cars.
Absolutely brilliant!
Thanks for the update, FPS are now very good and steady, this is really appreciated. Keep up your great work this track is a blast to drive and the scenery is so nice.
This is really well made that I don't really believe it's your first map. Agree with others the lag on this is a thing. I've look at your map for a bit, these might be the reason: a- check your actual mesh count on your exported version, you don't have much, but it might be too separated I'm not sure. b- which is your most possibly reason, is your texture. Your textures' resolution are too high, probably need to low down for a bit.

Apart of that it's a fun course, I'd love to see a better version and drive again.
started with a city track, and put that on hold to start this one. Thanks for the review, I'll work on texture quality and try to lower it as much as I can!
thank you! I will do them in the future, as I'll need them for other tracks too :)
Thank you very much
looks nice but lags a lot. i have 30+ fps frame drops
I hope the new version will fix this problem, I'm sorry about it. I'm still learning and it's not easy to point out errors