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Career Progression over 10 Seasons 1.0

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This mod provides you with a different language_eng.lng file for every season of your career mode.

I tried to make new driver pairings as realistic and exciting as possible. Any lineup changes that occur between seasons have a small story/reasoning to them, and can be found in the enclosed pdf.

I don't think I have to remind anybody of the fact that almost any driver changes beyond next year are anybody's guess, and that everyone will have a different opinion on where their favorite driver will be going.
I tried to keep as many original drivers in future lineups, since faces and helmets will be easier to mod.

I do appreciate any suggestions regarding the lineups, but since I spent a lot of time trying to arrange them, I probably won't change anything about them (as long as I didn't make some kind of fundamental mistake).

This mod currently changes nothing but the names of the drivers. It is possible to change numbers, helmets and face textures, I did not find the time to do that however.
If anybody wants to continue my work in that regard, they can go ahead and use and publish everything provided by this mod. I would appreciate being informed of something like this first.

Latest reviews

Love it, would be nice with a new team every 2nd season :)
I will look into it.
Very nice job!!! Will this cause any issue for the career mode? And what happens if you choose to move to an another team?
I'm 99 percent sure that there will be no issues at all, since only driver names are changed. The only thing that could cause problems are special letters like é or â. In the original file they were used in some Names and in others they were replaced with "normal" letters. I didn't pay attention to that and used the special ones for everything. I haven't yet experienced any bugs though.

You can still move to another team, you will only have a different teammate, ie Vandoorne instead of Button in Season 2, if you're signed as #1 driver. You will still simply replace the driver, that would have had your seat that season.
I have a questions......this mod is compatible with the italian language?Thanks
No, it only changes the language file for the english version. If you bought the game on steam you can change the game's language if you want, then this mod will work for you.
Good Job !!!
I think driver changes are very realistic. Good one bro. :D
Nice work!!!
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