Career Progression over 10 Seasons 1.01

This mod provides a new language file for each season in career mode to simulate driver changes.

  1. Onyx005
    As with my mod for F1 2016, this mod aims to make a career over 10 seasons more immersive by changing the driver line ups every season.

    About the mod:
    The suggested driver line ups are in my opinion quite realistic. The following months could very well render them false, however. So please keep this in mind if news breaks that Fernando is leaving McLaren for example.

    Keep in mind:
    All this mod does is change driver names. Since you can't change a driver's nationality (to my knowledge), and changes made to skins (driver numbers) result in an "unsavable" Career Mode, this is as far as I will take this mod at the moment.

    Kris has made some very helpful videos on how to modify the language files in this game. He also explains how to mod your own helmet into the game without the Career Mode save bug. While I admittedly knew how to do the language files before, I still wanted to mention him here.

    How to install:
    To install it, you need to copy the new language file into your localisation folder. When a new season starts in your Career Mode, just replace it with the appropriate file from this mod.

    It has been tested, and your career will save using this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. alenhajduk
    Version: 1.01
    SOO good , can you make mod like this for F1 2014 cause i play that game alot , also many people dont have soo powerfull rigs like others to play F1 2017 or even 2016 properly so it could be HUUUUUUGE if other people could have a little of charm and fun like we have
  2. kondacekCZ
    Version: 1.0
    Thanks bro amazing <3!
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