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Bugatti type 32 1.2

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this is amazing, and the competition looks fun as hell to. cant wait
Sometimes these older cars are a bit hit and miss but this one is excellent. Fun to drive. Thank you for this, great work.
Great work. Thank you.
Now this is what sim racing is all about! Thanks so much for casting a light on this era of motorsports. Can't wait to try this out against your upcoming Voisin C6!
i can not imagine the amount of work that went into this and so i at least wish to express my gratitude in text form:

Thank you very much for the upload, 30s is finally getting some body to it.
nice little car.... The shift sound reminds me of an old arcade game called pole position. Showing my age here.
Finally a real old car in AC, it was a delight to drive this car.
One thing should be corrected, only one carburetor is always backfires, that should be on both.
Further it would be awesome if the maindrive axes could seen turn during the ride and hear the crashing sound of the gears when changing the gear.
Thanks I do hope we will see more cars mods from the same period.
Got a Voisin C6, that I started not long after the Bugatti, coming soon. Just got to add a few more bits and bobs, make a lod B and it should be done in a week or two, touch wood.
Great work, I love these old cars can't wait for the next one. Thanks for sharing
great work!
Just like to add my thanks as well. Really nice model and sounds and very believable handling. Pre-war motorsport fans can't be too choosey but today you make us feel like simracing was invented just for us!
Awesome for a WIP! Nice to see cars from that era on AC! I hope you can present more legends to us!!
Great choice and a nice mod. As mentioned, this is just the type of subject that makes AC so enjoyable.
Thank you indeed!
Absolutely love it! Many thanks for this great addition.
As has been said in the post below, this kind of mod make you back in AC with a big smile on your face. What a lovely funny thing this is! Thank you, Sir.
Awesome! Thanks!
This is the kind of mod that makes it worth playing Assetto Corsa. Even if it doesn't handle like the real thing, I love it. One of my dream AC mods would be the gorgeous road-going 57C Atlantique.
A Bugatti and a Voisin; Excellent!
Not to tease but hopefully a Sunbeam too in time. Seems to be even less info available about the Sunbeam than the first two so more guesswork needed but that'll then be all the cars that finished the race.
This is heaven! Great work, feels authentic.

If you can get the"tearing calico" sound of the Bug's exhaust that would be even better.

Nice work.
This sure doesn't feel like a first attempt! Excellent work so far. Can't think of anything to change at this time, it's such a nice model you've shared with us. Thanks very, very much for this esoteric beast!