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Bugatti type 32 1.2

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This update is mainly to add more appropriate headgear and gloves to the driver model but I took the opportunity to fix and add a few things.

INSTALL NOTE: Content manager drag and drop seems to ignore the new driver skins when installing so if you want them you need to install the archive manually, extract it to your ...\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa folder rather than the cars folder. It all still works if you'd rather use CM, you just lose the helmet skins.

- new driver_1923 using the standard Kunos model but kitted out with Nicecuppatea Vintage Racewear :p.
- added LODs C and D, still a bit chunky compared to Kunos standards but better than nothing...I hope.
- added a bit more head movement to the driver, inspired by a post by Joshua Prematta, driver should lean into the corners and look to the apex more in replays.
- included teddyator's Eliska Junkova skin (with his kind permission), which I meant to do in the last update but forgot because I'm increasingly old and befuddled :confused:. Amazing woman who deserves to be more widely known: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eliška_Junková
- reduced the engine volume to less ear-splitting levels and added a bit more engine noise to the internal sound, still hard to judge just what is the right volume level here but hopefully it's a step in the right direction.
- rationalised the textures a bit, drum brakes no longer share a texture with the rivets :roflmao:, separate textures for the wheels too.
- shaved a few thousand tris off of LOD A
- fixed a few rough spots but there's still plenty that could be smoother.
- lots of tinkering, noodling, and general mucking about.

I've tested the archive to make sure it installs properly, as I say do it manually if you want the driver skins, can't see anything glaringly wrong or missing but if you find anything please let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

Little vid to finish:

Have fun and hope you're all still staying safe,

Little update, mostly fixing little things that I missed or forgot to change before release. Added four more (basic) skins and did a little tinkering with the front suspension and the ai, nothing drastic. Raised the gear-change sound volume so it's a bit more noticeable.

I had another bash at giving the engine sound a bit more oomph but I still keep ending up with something that sounds far worse than what I've got so I'll keep trying but it's going to take a bit more FMOD study.

Here's a short vid of a race at Fat Alfie's magnificent Deutschlandring, missed this when it was released but it's already up there with my favourite tracks.