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Bugatti type 32 1.2

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This is still a bit of a WIP but I feel like I could go on tinkering and polishing for months so here it is. It's drive-able and the model is mostly complete so I thought I'd release it for anyone who shares my fascination with this era.

Physics are largely guesswork, partly through lack of information, partly through lack of knowledge on my part. I went so far as ordering a back issue of 'The Automobile' from March, 1983 because it had an article from Paul Foulkes-Halbard about his type 32 but aside from the wheel size and some pictures showing a bit more detail I didn't find anything I didn't already know. Frustrating but I think it's better to have something you can improve and make more accurate if the chance arises than not to bother at all.


I've added an invisible front wing that you can set if you want to experience the lift the car was said to generate at high speed, it's off by default because I've always felt a little dubious about that story but it's there if you want to try it, makes every fast corner a little adventure :laugh: Also made a riding mechanic as that was the way at the time but I couldn't find a good way to give him some movement, make him look less like you're taking a corpse for a drive so I've removed him for now. Might add him back and make it a set-up choice if that seems more immersive.


Skins are the race numbers and reg. plates of the Bugatti team in the 1923 French Grand Prix. Sound is from actual Bugatti straight 8 engines, although I don't feel I've quite captured how vicious and snarly they sound in action.

Little silent vid of the actual race.

My first mod, learnt an enormous amount in the process but I still have a lot more to learn so I know it's not perfect. Hopefully, people will find it as fun and immersive to drive as I do but I'll be happy to hear any constructive criticism and make changes to future versions.


P.S. I've been working on some opposition too. Got carried away and started this not long after the Bugatti so it's nearly done now.

Liam (Nicecuppatea)

Latest updates

  1. Bugatti type 32 v1.2

    This update is mainly to add more appropriate headgear and gloves to the driver model but I took...
  2. Bugatti type 32 1.1

    Little update, mostly fixing little things that I missed or forgot to change before release...

Latest reviews

Sick! Thank you!!!
Lovely car. There are flames in the cockpit though, I would never drive this monster IRL! But in AC, yes please!
good job!

can you tell me which track you used for the first screenshot? It looks amazing
That's Feldbergring by Fat Alfie and it is amazing. Do a search on this site and you should find it.
Beautiful work, thanks
Awesome mod, great addition to AC, as all your 1923 mods!
Wonderful, thanks mate keep up your work
I'm not going to sit here and say, I came looking for pre-war mods for AC. It would't be honest of me. But this car, along with all your other 1923 cars, have given me a new appreciation for pre-war machines. What a great mod!
I love this little motor and really appreciate you and all the other guys that give us the opportunity to drive these historical vehicles
0k Muche Gracias ;)
Thanks :)
great! Thank you, also for the story of Eliska Junkova!
Assetto Corsa has become the world automobile museum !
thank you for sharing really
good job
This is exactly why I keep playing Assetto Corsa - the variety of racing available is just huge. Great update! (even though I added an audio_volume section to ext_config.ini to boost the engine noise back to old levels :)
Beautiful, lovingly crafted and well-researched recreation of a historical oddity! Thank you for making this.

The first time I saw backfire in the footwell I thought I had some sort of graphics glitch. Then I had a look and realised, no, I really could see the entire engine from the cockpit! These modern racing drivers don't know how easy they've got it ;-)
Expectedly challenging to drive given the car's age. My one complaint with this mod at the moment is that the driver's head shakes violently under acceleration from a standing start.
Fair point, I wanted to give the driver a bit of life and movement because he's so visible in these cars but I probably went a bit OTT. There's a few things I want to update and change on the Bugatti so I'll have a look and see if I can make the driver less of a headbanger :)
Excellent work, very original, thank you!
Thanks for this, had some fun round the pre-war Donington last night. I particularly enjoyed watching the carburettors backfiring - was there really no bulkhead? I don't care :)
Glad you enjoyed it. There's no firewall in the original car, it's quite odd for a Bugatti because his Grand Prix cars were usually pretty well made and nice to look at but this one looks more like it was lashed together from spare parts and off-cuts. Maybe it's because it was experimental and they hadn't quite figured out how to build something so different to the standard of the time?
thxs good job
Wow, is very very very funny to drive. thx
this is amazing, and the competition looks fun as hell to. cant wait
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