brno V1.0

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Version 1.0 includes:
- 18 startpos & pits
- AI
- 1x replay-cameraset
- minimap (many thx @Atorque)

I've started this track back in 2006 for rf1 from scratch (it has never been release in public). I have reopened the project in 2013 for a game called "dolphin's racer". Now I've ported the latest version to AC. The visuals are noticeable lowpoly in some areas, but I have reworked the road-collisionmodel and some materials for AC.

I will do some updates for this track, but I won't polish it to the limit, because @Patrik Marek is working on a HD-Version of this track. In the meantime have fun with this version.

- fix some holes in terrain


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Latest reviews

a good effort but crash barriers are broken. needs a lot of work on collision meshes, i fly through most barriers, and drop into infinity, and restart in the pits. a good start, but not worthy of version 1
Works well, looks nice, bit difficult to get the right setup to avoid spinning out, but that's on me.
My problem is with the AI spline, or something in the AI for this track specifically. I finished a 10 lap race with Formula Hybrids and for some reason the race didn't end when all 14 drivers crossed the line. I went back to the pits as normal, fades to black and all, but for some reason one driver is still doing laps, or the AI thinks it's still doing laps, for another hour and it still didn't stop. If they were just incredibly slow they would have been lapped by everyone multiple times, but they weren't; they could only have been lapped twice at maximum. Never had this happen on any track before.
Also, yes, the AI do decide to dart into the pit wall off the start.
good representation thank you.
thank you.
AI crashes at the Wall at start
Lovely track, and a nice addition to AC for inexperienced drivers.
Skělý. Konečně někdo! :D / Great! Finally someone :D
Fantastic work mate, Thanks
Great track! Thanks for sharing this. I love the feeling and look of the elevation changes. Fantastic to have a track map that works. A little shy on the texture and appearance of the track itself.
If Spa and the Nord' had a little baby, it would be Brno. High quality version worthy of one of our favorite tracks.
Thanks, I find my GTR2 feelings!!!
Runs well. enjoyable layout.
Great quality track. Smooth. Graphically pleasant.
Great work! Very nice flow to the track, runs smooth and looks great too.
Great work, thank you for this track.
Scratch made, and looks great! Thanks.
Thanks for your work!
Awesome track, great conversion!!
This is an excellent recreation of Brno. Track elevations looks spot on. I loved this track on SimBin sims, this is a more complete version. Thanks for the work !
Thank you, one of my favorites. I know Patrik's doing an HD version...but I'd like to see some competition ;).
great job, thanks
Very good conversion and mostly complete in relation to other conversions. AI, start positions, mini map, all are in place, and you can run it with colissions-on without having cpu overloads. Good job.
d track feels amazin. Great Job, not to mention it has a vry high fps so it runs really smooth. too bad u won't b workin on d visuals. who is to say ur version wouldn't b the best. I thnk u should give it a go.
Great work , thanks