Tracks brno V1.0

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Sneer submitted a new resource:

brno - automotodrome brno, czech

Version 1.0 includes:
- 18 startpos & pits
- AI
- 1x replay-cameraset
- minimap (many thx @atorque)

I've started this track back in 2006 for rf1 from scratch (it has never been release in public). I have reopened the project in 2013 for a game called "dolphin's racer". Now I've ported the latest version to AC. The visuals are noticeable lowpoly in some areas, but I have reworked the road-collisionmodel and some materials for AC.

I will do so updates for this track, but I won't polish it to...

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Very well made!
But do you think you can implement bumps, with some kind of random bump pattern generator?
Tracks with bumps are more exciting to drive.
For me the surface was not that bad but I found some of the Curbs had NO effect you just have to pay more attention so not that big a deal.

A Great drive this track has always been one that I like Racing on it has good Flow and enough of a challenge to keep you AWAKE...

Very nice job a little Tweaking here and there and you have a Real Winner.

Quite inaccurate. Been to this track many times irl and there's a couple of things that aren't really correct. Some examples : The first grandstand is much closer to the last corner and there is a blue grandstand in the stadion section that isn't really there irl. Still is a decent version of the track though.