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BOX cam 0.7.0

Implements a new type of chase cam, plus other camera tools

  1. Stereo
    See video for demo:

    See READ ME.txt inside 7z for installation, usage, etc. guidelines.

    1. BOX cam - like the camera's in a cardboard box tied to the car with string. Trails behind you in a different way than typical chase cams, so you can get extra dynamic shots.
    2. Track cam - reads track camera files and mimics them. Will do location & in/out correctly, cannot match FOV unfortunately. Reloads ini files every time you swap camera sets, so you can use this for live editing.
    3. Chase cam - self-explanatory really. A chase cam but with 8 buttons to position & configure it so you can set your preferred position, then save for all cars or specific car. Much more smoothed than the built in chase cam so the horizon and scenery stays still and the car moves.

    It's on occasion crashed my game, apparently due to lack of error checking on AC's side of things. I try to prevent crashes by sanitizing input but I haven't necessarily got the valid set of inputs 100% right.

Recent Reviews

  1. Hawker77
    Version: 0.7.0
    What a fantastic mod for the chase cam! I appreciate you making this so much as I found being "locked" in the chase view, ie attached to the car, incredibly annoying. Now it just feels free flowing and gives an entirely new and exciting feel to the the sim. Many thanks! :-)
  2. Rhizix
    Version: 0.7.0
    Works nicely except that it's really "bumpy" looking on some tracks, and when going up or downhill it also feels weird since the camera shifts up/down .
    Still, nice work.
  3. Alphonse Uprising
    Alphonse Uprising
    Version: 0.7.0
    Amazing replacement for the crappy default chase cameras, although one long-term issue I had is that it would "disappear" from the game after some time and I would have to reinstall it.
  4. Chrystale
    Version: 0.7.0
    The chase cam isn't stupid anymore! :P
  5. smokeybandit27
    Version: 0.7.0
    Fantastic update and working awesome with dynamic light shaders and CM. Thanks Stereo! oh the sound is a little buggy when trying to record replay ; game sound sort of fades in and out or coming out from one side. I'm not describing it well. But the cam works great and has not sunken into the ground like before
  6. Jayenn
    Version: 0.7.0
    Great work on the new version. It's a blast to use, especially with the shaders patch.
  7. Phoenix77
    Version: 0.6.0
    An Awesome addon for Assetto... If you see an app that Stereo's done... download it... simple!

    I'm annoyed with myself I didn't try this sooner...

    Top work mate :)
  8. Won
    Version: 0.6.0
    Awesome app!!!
    A must have if you want record nice videos.

    Good Work Stereo!!! :)
  9. NeverKrash
    Version: 0.6.0
    thank you
  10. BernL
    Version: 0.6.0
    Can never have enough cameras....Keep working at it please....maybe one day it will beat IRacings camera app.

    Thank you very much
  11. smokeybandit27
    Version: 0.5.3
    Hi Stereo

    I really love your app and have been using it successfully until of late. For some reason I cannot get it to work properly. It seems to just hover way up above the track. Please help? fyi I downloaded and installed the latest version to no avail :-(
  12. GeassEffect
    Version: 0.5.2
    Now Assetto Corsa looks like a quality racing game to casuals like me!
  13. C.O.D.
    Version: 0.5.2
    Fantastic! That's what was missing not only in AC. Absolutely the best chase cam, behavior- and looking-wise - especially with it's tweaking capabilities. Man, that looks so cool with the DOF and drives so well with this kind of inertia which points the cam more to the driving direction instead of doing every single movement of the car - but it's not only the chase cam which is cool. I'm looking forward to new and more features, coolest would be to have some sort of autimatic activation when BOX CAM is selected or the possibility of some hotkey activation. Also it would be nice to have the same nice button controls for the BOX Cam as those for the chase cam but nevertheless, I'm happy as it is atm - many many thanks for this gem!
  14. InsaneYt
    Version: 0.5.2
  15. D1visor
    Version: 0.1
    This shows great promise since Kunos doesn't see this high enough of the priority list. As someone who loves making videos, this is great!
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