BMW Z4 GT3 spanish essence skin (ficticious) 2018-06-11

skin based in spanish colours flag

  1. Enoneado
    This is my first skin for Assetto, based in Spain.

    Screenshot_bmw_z4_gt3_spa_27_5_118_0_58_44.jpg Screenshot_bmw_z4_gt3_spa_27_5_118_0_56_45.jpg Screenshot_bmw_z4_gt3_spa_27_5_118_0_56_45.jpg Screenshot_bmw_z4_gt3_spa_27_5_118_0_58_44.jpg Showroom_bmw_z4_gt3_27_4_2018_12_18_30.jpg Showroom_bmw_z4_gt3_27_4_2018_12_19_31.jpg Showroom_bmw_z4_gt3_27_4_2018_12_26_25.jpg Showroom_bmw_z4_gt3_27_4_2018_12_26_57.jpg
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  1. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 2018-06-11
    1. Enoneado
      Author's Response
      wow, yes, i'll try to update the skin with the wings and sunshades, i don't know how to make it, was my first skin. thx!