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  1. escuderiaAC

    Karting Campillos 0.01

    Este mod es el primero que hago, tiene algunos fallos , mi intencion es mejorarlo poco a poco. Las herramientas que utilizo son basicas y estoy aprendiendo, Algunos fallos los conozco , pero no se arreglarlo , si hay alguien que quiera ayudarme, que se ponga en contacto conmigo Circuito de Kart...
  2. S

    Real Betis skin for RSS Hybrid 2021 1.0

    The Real Betis is a football team from Spain. I design the car starting with the Gulf Mclaren as an example template, but I designed the Real Betis skin itself. If you find something wrong on the skin, write a comment on the post.
  3. ntst22

    My RSS Formula Hybrid 2020 Setups

    Hi, below are the setups that I have used throughout the year with the RSS Formula Hybrid 2020, feel free to check them out! https://youtu.be/dBhQV-0reyM https://youtu.be/EGrjHMFxR44 https://youtu.be/WTz99Is9WUI https://youtu.be/yzakgOb-kFU
  4. P

    Carrer Sant Mauricci 1

    Hi, Thank you for looking at my track. This is Carrer Sant Maurrici a hill climb race venue ( I think it was used as a hill climb for cycles). The course is based on an actual road that I have driven up a few times when I was on holiday which was a fun place to drive, so decided to try and...
  5. EttieApple

    Rally de Catalunya - Coll de la Teixeta 1.1

    A stage from the RallyRACC Catalunya - Costa Daurada. 4.4km, 35 corners This particular section has been used 10 times in the last 13 years. Most of the times as part of the Riudecanyes stage (with a donut around the roundabout), but in 2011 as PowerStage (with the roundabout as hairpin)...
  6. C

    Ford Sierra Carlos Sainz 1987-1988 skins 2020-07-31

    This pack includes skins Carlos Sainz versions of the 1988 and 1987 season: 1987 Rally Principe de Asturias 1988 Rally de Portugal 1988 Tour de Corse You must install first this package. https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ford-sierra-cosworth-rs500-pack.24027/ Late, copy the skins in...
  7. VOLKSWAGEN POLO GTI R5 SPAIN DiRT Rally 2.0 / KETENG 900 Gameplay

    VOLKSWAGEN POLO GTI R5 SPAIN DiRT Rally 2.0 / KETENG 900 Gameplay

    Hello~ i'm C.Park, drive an expensive car with cheap steering wheel. DiRT Rally 2.0 TIME TRIAL Challenge World Record / Real Hands & Steering Wheel Maximum speed! Chase cam : 3:42 Car Setup : 10:07
  8. W

    JSP 22 Estrella de Galicia 1.0

    My first helmet created, with the sponsors of the estrella de galicia, repsol, pirelli, galicia calidade, movistar, cromoly, etc. Number 22. I attach the files to modify and the PSD file. You can modify any layer. Enjoy!
  9. jasoca1215

    Jarama Circuit 1.0

    Hello everyone, this is my first time here and i would want to share the circuit that i was working by myself. i am not proffesional so the circuit is not compared with better ones but i like the result. The circuit is localted in Madrid, Spain and time ago was a formula 1 spanish GP...
  10. Slendis


    Hi everyone! As you may have realized, Formula 1 is finally back in action - granted, a bit later than usual this year! This also means the brand new Formula 1 game has been released which means I am back releasing realistic sponsorboards again! Unfortunately, this year I will have to make some...
  11. DiRT Rally 2.0 / POV / KETENG 900 / SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 / SPAIN

    DiRT Rally 2.0 / POV / KETENG 900 / SUBARU IMPREZA 1995 / SPAIN

    This is my first 4WD drive I tuned it to reduce the oversteer Car setup : 07:49
  12. mjkit

    Ford Fiesta R5 - Oscar Palacio/Enrique Velasco - 2019 on the Spanish Rally Campionchip 1.1

    This pack contains 1 livery for the Ford Fiesta R5 - Oscar Palacio/Enrique Velasco in 2019 on the Spanish Rally Campionchip Livery_00 - Oscar Palacio/Enrique Velasco Please enjoy it and give a thumbs up!:thumbsup! :thumbsup: Big thank you to TheFlyingTUga for the templates and all the modders...
  13. Rimouski

    Western Romance Skins (Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose") 1.0

    Presenting an addition to the Nordic Countries pack Western Romance Skins (Rimouski) for the Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose" created by Pessio _____________________________________________________________________ + adds the following countries: France, Italy, Portugal and Spain + custom driver...
  14. Slendis


    What's up everyone! The purpose of this mod is to replace the default sponsorboards in F1 2019 and replace them with new, more realistic, high quality sponsorboards to increase the realism while you play! I will try to post every track as fast as I can, but it might take some time depending on...
  15. Miguel Mochon Rodriguez

    Did you hear about the Lamera Cup?

    Hello guys! This weekend I've been on Jerez Circuit (Spain) Lamera Cup has taken place there. It was a competition that I didnt know until this weekend. The race was a 24 hour endurance race with cars "Lamera" made by volvo with 910 KG and 320 HP Here is their website: http://lameracup.fr/...
  16. CharlieHDGamer

    Sainz chrome helmet 2019 2.0

  17. F_B

    ACU Valenica AI 2019-05-12

    New AI line and boundaries for ACU Valencia. Have fun! I won't provide a download link for the track itself here. Just unzip and copy the specific track folder to your assettocorsa\content\tracks, it will automatically copy the new ai + hints to the correct folder. Perhaps make sure to keep...
  18. bodyx

    Ferrari 488 GT3 - Nations Team Spain 1.0

    Hello everybody! I present you this livery that I created for Assetto Corsa: the Nations Team Spain livery for the Ferrari 488 GT3. I hope you like it! Thanks in advance to all of you who will download this livery!!! INSTALLATION Open the zip file you downloaded which includes the...
  19. RAYNERPS3235

    [REWORKED] F1 2018 Spain Realistic Sponsors 3.0

  20. Enoneado

    BMW Z4 GT3 spanish essence skin (ficticious) 2018-06-11

    This is my first skin for Assetto, based in Spain.