BMW Z4 GT3 "Bavarian heraldry"

BMW Z4 GT3 "Bavarian heraldry" 1.0

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Taken directly from the official Bavarian coat of arms and flag, featuring:

Blue-white lozenge lower parts
Carbon black upper contrast
Official Bavarian Coat of Arms and seal
Official Bavarian small arms
Numberplate number inspired by the believed-to-be founding date of Bavaria
Bavarian and German manufacturer logos including exclusive Bavarian beer manufacturer Koenig-Ludwig Weissbier!
Custom wheel rims
Custom seat belt

acs 2014-04-11 00-58-16-78.jpg


Note: lozenge portion of the livery is matched as best as possible...didn't have an enormous amount of time to distort and fiddle with matching each lozenge perfectly. Most of the front matches, the rest sort of...if imperfection is an issue, don't download ;):whistling::D

The rear wing fins mirror due to the incomplete game PSD file...just drive fast and don't watch the replays :roflmao:


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beau travail,merci
:) great ... thatt'll become my default skin for that car :D
its beautiful!

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