BLM Car 1.6.1

shaders patch car related functions (rain, wipers, mirrors, car repositioning)

  1. Autostart rain, intermittent wipers

    • ver.1.4
      • Autostart rain
      • Intermittent Wipers
    How could I not think about it before? Maybe because I just wasn't playing anymore :rolleyes:
    As soon as I started playing I noticed the first thing I did was making the rain start, so here it is: an option (ON by default) to auto start rain when app launches.

    The other idea I had, I wish I never had it, because making it work with all the other options for random rain, different wipers speed, no wipers if no rain, etc... was a pain in the a$$ :cautious:
    But here it is: you can now enable intermittent wipers (disable if you don't want them).
    Set the duration of each intermitten cycle in the options. Default is 3.5 seconds (min. 2.5, max 5 seconds).
    If you got intermittent wipers and it stops raining, when it starts raining again wipers also restart as intermittent.

    Known issue: when random switching rain intensity, wipers stop 'intermitting' (wipe at normal speed) till the transition is done.
    Not my fault, we can live with it ;)

    Should you ever wanted to offer me a (cold) beer :thumbsup:
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