1. T

    GT Legends - Rain

    When going through some of the game files there are some lines which suggest GT Legends may have initially intended to have wet weather races. Most notably are lines such as lightning probability, thunder probability, raindrop flow and rainspray flow. Under the files of specific drivers, there...
  2. Dobermann92

    Project Cars 2 Invitational events are bad

    I can't say I'm not biased because I hate racing in the rain. I just can't stand it, the cars are slow and my fps is dropping hard. Unfortunately around half of the Invitational events are races in heavy rain with cars which are not suited for it especially the Lotus 49 and the Caterham/Xbow...
  3. Blamer

    BLM Car 1.6.2

    Extended UI Compact on one row Compact on two rows What is BLM Car? A new app that allows you to set many things you get with the shaders patch by x4fab and henter (thank you guys!) (and also adds something else ;)): rain (even with random intensity) wipers (even intermittent) mirrors car...
  4. Albs

    Assetto Corsa Wet Mod by A.Fracasso 2.0

    Wet Mod 2.0 - Night and Daylight edition - New settings, native compatibility with Shaders Patch & Dynamic Lights, enhanced realism in night and daylight conditions - Double layered wet tarmac texture, with differenced reflections for a deeper and more detailed wet ashpalt. - Shadows fix -...
  5. A

    AL's Special FX 2.5

    Al's Special FX - The purpose of this mod is to re-visit some of the vanilla effects and textures of GTR 2 and elevate them (within reason) to a higher standard. I offer no guarantees of performance. If it runs good on my machine, then it's good enough. Please note the following details. The cap...
  6. Pepper606

    Heavy Rain still impossible?

    Hi all, Is anyone else not able to get through the challenges? I'm still stuck on the 935 in the heavy rain. Since today's patch I can maintain tyre temperatures, so I was very hopeful (can even get them yellow). I have tried repeatedly and still it's like driving on ice. So, if there is a...
  7. Albs

    Assetto Corsa Wet Trailer

    Hello there, I'm working on a nice textured and good loking wet asphalt tarmac for original kunos tracks. The idea is not the most original, but I though it was about time to make a good looking version of it. I hope you like it. Cheers!
  8. Paul Jeffrey

    rFactor 2 Build 1109 Released - Includes New Rain Features

    A new update for rFactor 2 has been deployed today, now featuring enhanced rain visuals amongst a sizeable number of improvements and fixes. As detailed in the final development roadmap post of 2017 (HERE), Studio 397 have today deployed a fairly sizeable new build release for rFactor 2 that...
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