1. Billy Pilgrim

    FPS loss after installing dynamic shaders and BLM mods

    I've recently installed (and been enjoying - wow, they're great!) the dynamic shaders mod and the BLM Lights and Car mods/apps. In the last few days I installed the latest stable build of dynamic shaders and started using BLM's two mods but have noticed a loss of maybe 10% or more of my fps...
  2. Blamer

    BLM Fps 1.2.4

    Hey, after latest update to BLM Lights - where I introduced the new compact FPS User Interface - I thought it would have been nice to have it as a stand-alone app, so that people could use it alone or together with, let's say, the compact BLM Lights app. So here it is: BLM Fps This app will...
  3. Blamer

    BLM Car 1.7.2

    Extended UI Compact on one row Compact on two rows What is BLM Car? A new app that allows you to set many things you get with the shaders patch by x4fab and henter (thank you guys!) (and also adds something else ;)): rain (even with random intensity) wipers (even intermittent) mirrors car...