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BLACKCELICA'S PP Filter. The Ultra Project.

BLACKCELICA'S PP Filter. The Ultra Project. 1.0

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The story so far......
Basically I had a PPFilter pack which consisted of a photo filter, a realtone filter, a filter with a slight tint and a vintage filter. All of which I used depending on which car, track, time, weather combo I was running. To be fair I've got sick of switching and decided to set out and create just 1 filter for all occasions which could be loaded up and forgotten about.
Here is a slice of those particular filters.
multi shot.jpg

So what I've done is taken all my favourite bits of all of them and combined them in to one. So I took into consideration the colour, saturation, shading, sharpness, god rays, brake light glare, well basically everything. This became the base of my new filter. Then the tinkering began and I'm pleased to announce the birth of the Ultra_RTFX_HD filter. It has a look that is of a realistic photo with real tones and enough subtle effects that give it a bit of polish to finish it off. It has been created for myself and my setup and won't be to everyone's taste but I thought it might as well be shared and it may appeal to some. No harm in taking a look, you never know.

Here is the end result.....

I used the name ultra because my ingame settings for pp effects and glare quality are set to ultra. My saturation% in the main menu is set to 85. This filter works with the Kunos default weather but I use it with a custom selection based on gbw_weathers and content manager.
As always, place this filter in your .... assettocorsa\system\cfg\ppfilters folder and select it from either main menu or whilst on track. Now for some more screens...

Latest reviews

this is just pure bliss...thanks
Glad you like it. Thanks for the review.
Very good! Could you please tell me where to find the f1 mod (1998?) in your pictures?
Hi, The mod is a combination of the Ferrari F300 and the McLaren MP4-13 both by Virtua Simulazioni. Skin pack was this http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/f1-1998-skin-mod.16163/ this skin pack is in 2 parts. Link to part 2 is on the part 1 page. I then used content manager to create my own 1998 season.
I think this may be my favourite filter, great work. BTW - which version of Bahrain is that in the screenshot with the Ferrari?
Hi, thanks for the review. The track is Bahrain night version. It came in a pack with Singapore and yas marina night tracks. It was available here at racedepartment but has since been deleted. You could probably find it hosted elsewhere after a Google search.
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