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Blackcelica's LaFerrari Double Trouble Pack 1.5.1

New for AC 1.5 2x LaFerrari skins. Smart, slick and ready to put some rubber down.

  1. blackcelica
    Well we haven't seen much of the LaFerrari for a while so I thought I'd release a couple of skins. Both have the metallic look and are clean without sponsors. Firstly we have a 'Gulf style' theme based on the one featured on TopGear many moons ago and the second one is a smart gent brown and slate grey beast based on an image I saw on the net. Hope you enjoy.
    The gulf style one is similar to another LaFerrari skin done over a year ago but don't worry, that was created by me also and it's still available to download. Anyway back to these beauties...
    Both cars have new simple driver suits and helmets. Momo gloves by Bond(added Ferrari logo) Just place in to your Ferrari-laferrari skins folder.
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