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Better AI Tyre Strategies

Better AI Tyre Strategies Testing

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This mod vastly improves the tyre strategies for the 50% race lengh mode, espessially for the AI cars. The game devs only adjusted the 100% race mode properly.

It's impossible to change the stint lenghs of all tyres (since F1 2017 the values for that are saved in an extra database for each track). So I firstly changed the tyre time drop-off (time graph in the tablet screen before the race) to be much more linear, like it is in real life and I changed the time deltas between each tyre depending on how long the tyre can last. (e.g. the hypersoft tyre lasts half of the distance as the ultrasoft in general, so I needed to increase the time difference between those tyres:

+0,9 seconds*
+0,6 seconds*
+0,9 seconds*
+0,6 seconds*
+0,6 seconds*

Small changes that make up to a better experience. For 25% and 100% races it also works pretty well.

Multiplayer does not work with this mod, you would be kicked out of the lobby.


Screenshot (106).png
*: exact time difference depends on the track you are racing.
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Latest reviews

This mod makes 50% races soooo much more fun!!! Making each race a 2-3 stop race really adds strategy to the race. I've always hated the 1 stop in 50% races. If Codemasters screw this up in F1 2019 I really hope that you will make this mod again!!
AI is 1sec slower/lap than before.
You're in the name of congratulations, keep doing this excellent job.
Sorry for my english, I wonder if your mod works in career mode or if I'm going to have any problems.
good job,
Having lot more fun in 50% races
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