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Bernd Graf's post-processing filter pack 1.0

8 filters from which to choose

  1. Bernd Graf
    Provided are 8 filters split between HDR and natural lighting effects for a variety of sunny, stormy, night, and photo conditions. I've brightened the standard filters from my mod as well as per requests from users. Now...some beauty shots :laugh::inlove:

    Screenshot_ferrari_458_gt2_silverstone_30-12-2014-1-47-27.jpg Screenshot_bmw_m3_gt2_nurburgring-sprint_7-2-2015-2-17-7.jpg Screenshot_bmw_1m_nurburgring_6-3-2015-23-7-56.jpg Screenshot_mclaren_mp412c_silverstone_11-8-115-1-38-1.jpg Screenshot_mazda_787b_silverstone_30-12-2014-19-47-18.jpg Screenshot_ks_nissan_gtr_gt3_ks_zandvoort_6-8-115-14-45-10.jpg Screenshot_mercedes_sls_gt3_mugello_7-8-115-16-39-57.jpg Screenshot_ks_mclaren_p1_vallelunga_12-8-115-17-47-13.jpg
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