BENETTON FORD FANTASY F1 2018 (W96) 2018-10-24

Benetton ford fantasy for F1 2018 (suplies w96)

  1. pablotill
    This mod doesn't work online

    I present my first version of a Benetton ford (FANTASY). Substitutes Williams 96. Why Williams? Because the form is much similar than Ferrari 95 or older cars.

    Its been very complicated to do an original and exactly skin because both sides has a mirror effect, and tried to do a similar part. (Yes my english needs to improve).

    Free feel to use and modify the skin, and if you can, improve it !!!

    It's my first mod, dont be angry with me haha :)

    Only copy and paste, and FIRST OF ALL DO A BACKUP FILES from original !!!



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Recent Reviews

  1. Sulock
    Version: 2018-10-23
    Really great for an first time, you think it's possible to make the 1996 or 1997 season with this car ?
    1. pablotill
      Author's Response
      Exactly the same? No, I dont, because some many parts i cant edit like i want. The original design divide a big % of car in a 2 parts, and one is a mirror of the other and ahother parts when you paint it, paints another that you won't. Its strange know..
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