Barbagallo Raceway

Barbagallo Raceway 1.2

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Excellent track
nice work
Seems like I've had this track forever but never driven it. Shame on me - it's awesome!
Thanks very much indeed.
amazing track! thank you!
Awesome job mate. keep up the good work. Thanks
Always loved Barbagallo and this might be my favourite ever
My local circuit and a very good job done of it too. Highlights are the Vegemite hot air balloon and some hidden extra bits of tarmac around the place.
Another awesome track in my collection, thx!
One of the best scratch made aussie tracks ever created....
Fantastic work fella, up there with kunos track quality
Just had a great offline race on this track. Really well made mod of an unusual and fun track. Thanks!
1st class recreation of the real circuit, a few little inaccuracies, but on the whole AWESOME work by the author, many thanks for your time and effort.
very well done track, gj, ty.
I have tried many of the mod tracks and this is the best so far. It is like the real life track, and is also a nice track to drive!
BEST MOD. been to this track plenty. love the ramp and burnout pad. Could anyone explain why RSR keeps saying that there is a newer mod?
Having just moved to Perth, was so surprised by this one. Track feels as solid as a rock, moreso than official content. Simple, local circuit, but a bitch to get right. Great racing, a flawless recreation. Wish Darren would do more, this is benchmark standard. 10/10.
Bravo Darren, rien ne manque, le tracé est très réaliste, le rendu est tout simplement magnifique, la vidéo donne envie de rouler dessus. Merci pour ton partage et ton travail. Réussite totale...
It's magnificent. Thank you, and the coffee money is on the way :)
10/10 for this track, absolutely fantastic! Review link below but seriously couldn't fault it...
very fun track with very realistic everything. I even roamed in insideways of track and that works and fun, too. This is a complete one.
This is an awesome mod, if only others would bring their mods up to this level.
Terrific track, great analysis of it here:
Fantastic Job ! This is my home track and you have done it spot on THANK YOU......
Stunning quality scratch built AC track.
great work and fun to drive :)
Great work ... Thank you very much!
Excellent, very detailed, AI working, pit working, professional job!
Great track - now we just need some V8SC's!
Lovely track and very nicely made. Great attention to details.
I'm playing almost exclusively in your track from the moment it was released... It's ton of fun!!!!!
Great job!
I know quality when i see it, and this track is pure quality. exemplary work through and through. excellent!
Seriously one of the best quality AC race tracks at the moment, puts even Kunos to shame. Great work!!!
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