Barbagallo Raceway

Barbagallo Raceway 1.2

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Wonderful track, excellent virtual conversion. How do I make it work with RSR?
I'm from WA - have done a few ride bike days here - thanks great representation - but every time I have been there it has changed the road surface etc ..... keep the good work up!!!!
A simple but so cool race track ! Thank you !
This track is excelent. 5 stars!
The track looks awesome and incredibly fun to drive on....
But the AI keeps running into the pitlane in early laps for no reason, making the race completely unenjoyable...

Can you fix this in the next update (if you're still there)....?
Awesome track, really nice!
Thank you!
Home Track Awsome Thank You
Excellent track
nice work
Seems like I've had this track forever but never driven it. Shame on me - it's awesome!
Thanks very much indeed.
amazing track! thank you!
Awesome job mate. keep up the good work. Thanks
Always loved Barbagallo and this might be my favourite ever
My local circuit and a very good job done of it too. Highlights are the Vegemite hot air balloon and some hidden extra bits of tarmac around the place.
Another awesome track in my collection, thx!
One of the best scratch made aussie tracks ever created....
Fantastic work fella, up there with kunos track quality