Ayrton Senna Mclaren mp4/8 1.0

Mclaren mp4/8 skin for the ASR Formula Williams FW14

  1. derick_pereira
    AssettoCorsa/ content/ cars/ asr_1991_williams_fw14/ skins

    Custom skin for the ASR Formula FW14 (This is a paid mod)
    Download link: http://www.asrformula.com/

    Screenshot_asr_1991_williams_fw14_imola_26-6-116-21-0-21.jpg Screenshot_asr_1991_williams_fw14_imola_26-6-116-21-1-24.jpg Screenshot_asr_1991_williams_fw14_imola_26-6-116-21-5-21.jpg Showroom_asr_1991_williams_fw14_26-5-2016-21-6-16.jpg Showroom_asr_1991_williams_fw14_26-5-2016-21-6-43.jpg


    1. Screenshot_asr_1991_williams_fw14_imola_26-6-116-21-1-51.jpg
    2. Screenshot_asr_1991_williams_fw14_imola_26-6-116-21-4-51.jpg
    3. Showroom_asr_1991_williams_fw14_26-5-2016-21-6-0.jpg
    4. Showroom_asr_1991_williams_fw14_26-5-2016-21-6-51.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. M4v3r1uosfj
    Version: 1.0
    Hi! The mod is great, and about the Race Suit and helmet/gloves, I fixed the Suit and Helmet, though I couldnt find out how to find the gloves. The files I used were from your FW16 Ayrton Senna Mod. If you want me to give you the files just send me a message, or just ask for my Steam, ETC. But in all, great mod!
  2. Edivad82
    Version: 1.0
    Hi! Skins is perfect, thanks. But the game don't show me the driver gloves and helmet.
    1. derick_pereira
      Author's Response
      That's because ASR updated the car/driver and helmet. My update will be coming soon
  3. pepe1414
    Version: 1.0
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