Pereira Customs (Hot Wheels) Racetrack

Pereira Customs (Hot Wheels) Racetrack 1.5

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  • Track map and Ai
  • Replay cams
  • Living room lights.
Latest Update:
  • Destructible Objects (Unfortunately, they look slightly out of place in replay mode)
  • Smoke Effects
  • 2 Layouts (with and without jumps / destructible objects)
Preview image 2.jpg
Preview image 3.jpg
Preview image 4.jpg
Preview image 5.jpg
Preview image 6.jpg

(Special thanks to Louis Cyphre for fixing the AI)
(Special thanks to DEATHLESS for the support)

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Latest updates

  1. Destructible Objects

    Destructible Objects Smoke Effects Removed Animated Bat Plane for better frame rate Added 2...
  2. (Almost) 20,000 Downloads Update

    Pereira Customs Racetrack 1.4.2 New surfice.ini New Plants New Sea Containers Animated Bat...
  3. Loop Of Death - Dock Area and Drift Tower

    Loop of death will not work with all cars, let me know which ones worked for you guys, GOOD LUCK!!

Latest reviews

Wonderful, fun track! The first time I went over the drop off was such white knuckle terror!
Haha, thank you very much
My niece and nephews really love this track, thanks. Is there any way for me to have the batwing flying around again?
Thank you.

Yes, you can. Just add the following text to (models_Jumps Destructible Objects.ini) inside the main track folder:

Aloha Derick, please make this more optimized for VR if possible, we would love to host this track on our server to make some amazing VR content, but in single player mode the frames are really bad even with a decent pc build. Hopefully this can be resolved and i can reupload a new review :) thankyou for your hard work .
New update available, let me know if the performance is any better!
Thank you
Just downloaded the latest version and in VR it just stutters endlessly, extremely slow FPS. Doesn't happen with any other modded track, even the most massive freeroam maps don't do this. Is it happening for anybody else? :(
New update available, let me know if the performance is any better!
I cant start it. It always says Race Cancelled in the Content Manager
Very good map for joking around.
Thank you
this track keeps getting better and better. It's such dumb fun!
haha totally agree with you!!
Very fun track, thanks. There is a bug when loading the mini map, it has a black background, or when loading it it defaults to a dark X. Is there any way, maybe in some update in the future, to have the different versions of this track as eligible skins?
Thanks, I think I can fix the mini map for the next update.
And what do you mean exactly with the skins? The different versions have different objects ass well.
hey this track seems like a great track to play on however it wont load into the map. it just crashes, the icon is there in the map selection but wont load into whenever i try to drive on it. (computer specs
ryzen7 5600x 3060Ti 16GB ram and 800GB ssd of storage left it was a manual install don't have a mod manager. any help or insight on the issue would help Thanks
Thanks and you need Content Manger/Sol and Custom shader patch to make it work, let me know how it went
Totally cool and a fun track.

Note if you want to allow the alternate routes on a server, every client must delete / move the "ai" folder in the track directory.
The track is awesome and is very enjoyable. However i have an issue with the AI. The game crashes whenever i try to put AI cars in both weekend and trackday modes. It says the aispline is either missing or broken. How do i fix this? I would love to add ai cars to this amaizing track.
Thanks and maybe you shou try Racealot's extra features:
* pitlane AI (now driveable in Track Day mode)
* replay cams
I would like to try it but it's not showing up in game after i install. Have tried through content manager and the old file explorer method. Any advice? Looks like a great map
New update available, let me know if it's any better!
Oooh, oh, ho, hoo, great, ha, ha, ha, magnificent, excellent, crazy, ... fuuucking great !!

LEGO, Hot Wheels and AC must pay tribute to you. Those of us who are enjoying it as children, silly smile included, we can only say ... thank you, thank you, and thank you ;-)
Yo thank you very much, I needed that, it was a long day!! Let's race on it maybe on the weekend.
I gotta say this is the coolest thing i've seen in AC yet. I wish I had the know how because I would love to convert some of the real life tracks to have this HotWheels look and race the Lego car around them. Imagine Nords with a HotWheels\Lego look.
Thank you I appreciate it and indeed, a hotwheels Nods would be awesome.
This track is really awesome, I didn't think I would have had so much fun. It revives our childish spirit.
Thanks good to know you enjoyed it.
Love it, maybe a deathloop?
thank you and I have tried everything but it just won't work, the game won't allow it! If you have a solution, please let me know.
Absolutely love it. thx for this. Can't wait to tell my friends and race here.
Thanks and stay tuned for the Christmas update
Cool idea, I really like it! :-D
Thanks for sharing!

Some of the light spots/glows are set a bit inaccurate tho.
I'm talking about the glows on the walls.
Also it would be nice to see lights for the tv and laptop screen.
And btw. its also possible to make the clock work, maybe you wanna add this too.
Okay thanks I'll take a look at it, about the clock. I'll try.
For me, this is the coolest release for AC in 2021, KUDOS!!!!
Thanks haha
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