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Ayeberian Munro Circuit

Ayeberian Munro Circuit 1.0

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I used to really enjoy driving on Iberian circuit in FM4 so I decided to try and make my own version for AC in the Caingorms National Park in Scotland. So I eyeballed the basic outline of the circuit from a youtube video and then built it near the top of Ben Macdui, the second highest mountain in Scotland.

12 Pit Boxes
Best with SOL Light Snow
*CSP req, wont load without it


It's very fast, wide and it's got a lot of elevation changes, the actual landscape was much more elevated when I started, but I had to level some of it off a bit to make it more drivable in lower powered cars.

The first corner is a lot of fun in a race and the banked corners are good fun for drifting. It does feel like a track you'd get in a FM game, but it feel's nothing like Iberian :laugh:


mandatory IRN BRU ad.

My best time in RSR is 44.924 in the Radical SR3 LHD that I was using for testing :thumbsup:

I started this off in RTB and then a whole lot more in Blender, the only thing I haven't really got worked out is adding a grooveline and tyremarks on the surface, but I'll update the track when I do, and I'm going to try and improve the ground textures too. It's the first track I've made with a physical mesh road surface, it's seems good to me in testing but I'd be interested to hear if anyone had any issues. I'm sure I will.



Latest reviews

Incredibly fun and unique track! Need more like this!
Great fun!
Loving the track! Gives me 1st corner fears! hahaha
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