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Autodromo Saponaro 2014-07-17

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Race07 Autodromo Saponaro & Saponaro Reverse V1.0

Original author for Rfactor Relesys

Conversion modification & improvement by Neel Jani

I thank Relesys which gave me the authorization to convert his circuit version Rfactor worm the SimBin platforms,

I propose this version to you several months after the version of Rfactor origin, because I have to make a large number of modification and of correction which paused a large number of problems, those which know the version of origin should realize changes,

I particularly thank the people who mount to give of their time for this circuit,

Luigi for the cameras,

Boblebric for the videos of the screens TV,

Thierry81 for the AIW 36 conveys and made from zero,

Fred@ass for these textures of horizon,

As well as the bêtas-testers, Tarkus07, Boblebric, Thierry81, Thunder-Ice,

I tien still ace thanked Thierry81 for its work, because it to pass a large number of good fortunes to make the AIW of the version normal & reverse which he has of remaking several time and from zero in order to make the best possible one for this circuit which and very particular,

Thank you also in TheSky for that participation and correction of the AIW of the version reverse,

I insist on these last points! because many users this account of work does not return that implies to make the most correct possible AIW,

For the update of the circuit and part of the new objects (3D) One or more textures were created with images of CGTEXTURES.COM. These images cannot be redistributed by defect, please visit for more information.


SimBin for Race07


SimGarage 3DSIMED


Good entertainment,

Neel Jani
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Dennis Phelan
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