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Osterreichring 1970 2015-02-28

Osterreichring 1970 eeevans

  1. Dennis Phelan
    osterreichring 1970 gtre v1.1

    1.1 notes (2009-04-26)

    fixed missing shadows

    1.0 notes (2009-04-25)

    track is a direct port of the gtr2 version by motorfx, which itself is an update of his 1979 version from the GPC pack. much respect and thanks to him for allowing this conversion to take place.

    also, huge thanks to racedepartment.com for allowing me to test this and a free pint* for all who came out to play!


    eeevans (evz.tracks@gmail.com)

    * must be redeemed by 2009-04-26
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