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Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 '64

Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 '64 1.1 Limited

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After 10 months into car modeling and modding i decided to ReDo my Mini.
The only way to do that is starting from zero, again.

So here we are, this time in stock factory fashion!
Body is modeled with a lot of photomatching, generous in poly count to look stunning in showrooms and close shots. Interior is full mapped and quirky and unconfortable as a real mini. ( I mean, where can you find another car with steering wheel angled like a bus and pointing to the center too?)

You'll find some other cool things, like openable doors, working wipers, interior lights, animated suspensions ( visible ones) and all the factory color schemes available in the 1964 catalogue.

This time you can only play with the original 76 hp of the beefed up A engine, still fun, considering is a really lightweight little box. I decided to keep trackday historic tires on, so yes, the car still turns in corners. Vintage road tires available too.

Big thanks to @Kyuubeey for the physics awesome work.
Thanks, as usual, to @luathas, here you can find the original mini sound he made, based on original mini recordings. Helped also in some data and cool black magic CSP things.

This is a classic Pessio's Beta, no LODS, and maybe never, as i will start updating the race one with the new model.


Latest updates

  1. 1.1 Limited

    Rear suspension geo reworked, tweaks on tires, suspesions. ( thank again to @Kyuubeey ) Some...
  2. Big Physics Update.

    Thanks to @Kyuubeey, now the car have a brand new physics! Now car simulates the behaviour of...

Latest reviews

Awesome little car!
Great work!
wow an amazing mod the car handles like a dream
Great Mod as usual well done thanks.
Nice bit of fun, a racing version would be good?
Muy bueno!
Great immersion. Grazie
Love it!
The perfect street car. Would love to race this against a Giulia Super.
What a fun car to drive
Gracias Mini =)
Simply sublime.
But don't forget to change the revision number in the UI with every update, you naughty naughty man you.
Really nice, thanks to all involved. Drivers wrists in animation could maybe be better.
Minor errors: INIReader: content/cars/austin_mini_cooper_s/data/lods.ini > KEY_NOT_FOUND: [COCKPIT_HR] DISTANCE_SWITCH
INIReader: content/cars/austin_mini_cooper_s/data/analog_instruments.ini > KEY_NOT_FOUND: [TURBO_INDICATOR_0] USE_BAR
default driver eyes position is a bit odd
Nice Pessio. Had a buddy in High school back in 1972 who had one. That's how it drove. Corners didn't bother that car a bit. Thanks.
quality model
Attention to detail here is spectacular.
More of the same.---------------simple incredibleness. Thanks again.
Just great!
Beautiful, just beautiful!
File size
64.3 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.97 star(s) 39 ratings

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