1. Pessio

    Austin Mini Cooper S 1275 '64 1.1 Limited

    After 10 months into car modeling and modding i decided to ReDo my Mini. The only way to do that is starting from zero, again. So here we are, this time in stock factory fashion! Body is modeled with a lot of photomatching, generous in poly count to look stunning in showrooms and close shots...
  2. Mascot

    MINI-branded OMP driver suit for Pessio's Mini Cooper JCW Challenge 30.01.2020

    * If you like any of my resources and feel like contributing, please make a small donation to Cancer Research or your local charity of choice. Thanks! * MINI-branded OMP driver kit for Pessio's Mini Cooper JCW Challenge, to replace the ubiquitous white Sparco stuff (which we all secretly hate)...
  3. krissboo

    Terry Milnes Gulf Mini Skin 1.0 Final Final Version

    A skin for the Austin Mini Cooper from the Touring Car Legends mod. This is the the number 24 car driven by Terry Milnes in the classic Gulf colours which races regularly in the Can-Am Mini Challenge series. This is my first proper (serious) skin release and it actually took me far longer than...
  4. Ben Dovah

    Rusty Austin Mini Cooper S 2019-07-01

    Ben Dovah Barns Proudly presents, A very Rusty Austin Mini Cooper S PLEASE NOTE: THIS FILE IS FOR THE OLD VERSION THAT WAS BANNED FROM RACE DEPARTMENT. I'LL BE UPLOADING AN UPDATED VERSION SOON. If you find anything wrong with it, let me know in the support section. Please note: I will...
  5. skl1984

    Mini Cooper S Classic Acropolis 2019 Stavropoulos - Bratsou V.3

    Mini Cooper S Classic Acropolis 2019 Stavropoulos - Bratsou Driver Dimitris 'Huffy' Stavropoulos Codriver Katerina Bratsou Instal: Just copy the folder frtom the zip file to the game directory "cars" Hope you like it !!
  6. Scott Vincent

    A.R.T Motorsport 2016-04-03

    Hi Everyone, Team Name: A.R.T Motorsport Driver Name: Scott Vincent Upload skin for the BMW Mini Cooper class. My design is a fictional skin holding the number 45 (I have checked and there is no number 45 on the vanilla cars). Driver is also skinned to fit with the car design. Place folder...