Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose"

Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose" 2020-02-15

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Built from scratch to pay homage to the formula of the 60s and as a gift to the RaceDepartment community, the RD1 is in effect a F1 car from the late 1960s, but with more modern technologies and driveability.
Built on a tube frame, just little bigger to comfortably accommodate even taller drivers, it's powered by a generous but easy to mantain Ford 302, paired with a Quaife transaxle, a replica of the ZF mounted on the Ford GT40.
Modern shock absorbers and brakes, combined with better performing compounds, make the RD1 easier to drive, remaining extremely fun and exciting.

This time, had fun with animations; you can see throttles moving in stacks, and, little bonus, you can add or remove meshes from stacks in setup.

LODs missing, will be a terrible work i suppose

Thanks again to @luathas for quality control, cool textures and normal maps.


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Latest updates

  1. 1.0 Update

    LodB created, not the best one, but it looks good. Some changes to CoG and weight distribution...
  2. BETA2

    New Sound ( don't expect to much ) Some graphic tweaks and adds. Added windscreen shader, for...

Latest reviews

What an inspired concept!
Definitely my idea of what a present day F5000 should be as opposed to the rubbish that appeared last year here in Australia.
And it really is entertaining to drive.
Well done!
Awesome car mod that fits in exactly with the type of cars from the past that I enjoy driving (Grand Prix Legends, etc). Here is a video I did featuring the car if anyone is interested. But I did it using the BETA 2, which now has since been updated. Link here -
Gives a truly classic feel to racing with a phenomenal model and difficult yet fun car to drive.
Gracias genial
Fantastic car! Really, i love the aesthetic, the sound and the driving (altough i need to put higher levels on differential coast to prevent the car from spinning in high speed mid corners)
Thank you for lowering the default ffb strength!
You just keep impressing. Great work man! Thanks alot!
Fantastic car! though and rough!
Thank you for lowering the default ffb strength!
Wonderful, I loved this car from the first time I stepped on the gas!
So much fun to drive and a highly detailed and gorgeous looking car. Nice one :)
Wow!! Incredible job so far, keep it up!
I preferred the old sound file so I put it back in. Still love the car!
super beautiful.
Kind of like a DIY Formula 5000. A delight to drive. You can fling it around, dirt-tracking it Jack Brabham-style. I would beg you to offer more gear choices (intermediate & final-drive). Cars of that era had crates full of extra Hewland and zed-eff cogs. I, too, thought it deserved better sfx. I installed the Mustang GT4 sound files and the result is totally plausible. And you might want to check the fuel consumption; it seems way too frugal. And thank you.
One of the best mods ever made!
Great Job! This is one of the nicest mod I've seen. All parts move as a real car.

This one truly is a treat. Best-sounding vintage formula so far.
Great looks, great sound and great driving experience.
I think FF should be lower by default, because with 100 i don't have clipping with kunos cars and i do have a lot of it with this one, so i have to turn it down from specific car settings.
1a and top notch! Please give us more content in the future.