Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose"

Pessio Garage RD1 "Porknose" 1.31 fix

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Built from scratch to pay homage to the formula of the 60s and as a gift to the RaceDepartment community, the RD1 is in effect a F1 car from the late 1960s, but with more modern technologies and driveability.
Built on a tube frame, just little bigger to comfortably accommodate even taller drivers, it's powered by a generous but easy to mantain Ford 302, paired with a Quaife transaxle, a replica of the ZF mounted on the Ford GT40.
Modern shock absorbers and brakes, combined with better performing compounds, make the RD1 easier to drive, remaining extremely fun and exciting.

This time, had fun with animations; you can see throttles moving in stacks, and, little bonus, you can add or remove meshes from stacks in setup.

LODs missing, will be a terrible work i suppose

Thanks again to @luathas for quality control, cool textures and normal maps.


Latest updates

  1. 1.31 Hotfix

    Fixed analog instruments data. ( It took data from another car, without ANY reason, coursed! )
  2. 1.3 Update

    Just a little update here! Mild physics rework. A lot of changes in roll centers and so...
  3. 1.0 Update

    LodB created, not the best one, but it looks good. Some changes to CoG and weight distribution...

Latest reviews

Awesome. Driving it at night with rain. The sound is amazing. Thank you and please keep up this top notch content
Thank you very much, for this wonderful mod!
I’m not a fan of non-historical race cars nor that look-a-like F1 teams based on an single Kunos car.
For some reason I downloaded this car and I can only say what excellent made car is this. Only using AC-VR and never a monitor, so for me its only the cockpit mode to judge for.
One remark and its also mentioned here a couple of reviews earlier, I think an 1968 to 1970 winged porknose extension, would also be a great version, that can be made without much effort I guess.
I've done more miles in this car than any other. The handling, sound and performance are superb. Watch a grid of these driving flat out down the start / finish straight of the High Speed Ring, and tell me that's not the best sound in the world!

As others have mentioned, I would love to drive a winged version. Nothing crazy like the late 60's high wings, more something in keeping with the new / old principle. Small front wings either side of the nose, and a modest rear wing.
I geniunely feel this is the bets car mod for AC. It's the most fun, the quality is amazing, and it's just beautiful. I hope there's more coming! :)
Absolutely wonderful car. The look, the sound and the physics are just on another level.
Thanks 1.31
This is exactly the kind of mod that makes AC so relevant. A thought-experiment beautifully executed and contextually sound. What's not to love about it? A homage to the old school heroes with shiny new toys, but which also produce the best thrilling races where the PILOT is the main actor in every turn.

I have one suggestion for a variant. As the creator certainly know, In 1968 and 1969 the F1 teams started experimenting with wings. While I love the mindboggling races with negative downforces, I would also be thrilled to see how a rudimentary wing would affect this car and the racing it produces. Thank you Pessio!
Man I love this car. One of my favorite cars in any racing sim. Just so great to drive on all kinds of tracks. After the update it drives even better than it did before, and sounds flipping awesome to boot. Pessio you are a legend
stunning perfect sounds and optics. I have one issue no rpm are shown in the dash. Can you help me please?
Luv the sound, Luv the physics. You and this car will go down in history.
Thankyou, I still struggle with this mod but that is down to me not the car.
Great car. Very fun to drive. Try a few laps around Fontany. Incredible.
Pretty good. More snappy than '66-'67 F1s, but pretty close laptime wise.
One of the best mods available. Fun to drive, if a bit tricky, but very nice. Attention to detail, sounds, feel, are all great. Also good for learning some of the tricky early race cars. I hope to see more from you, especially in the same spirit (new retro race cars?) xD
Although I downloaded this some time ago I only started really checking it out this week. What a fantastic mod! Great detail in every respect. Lots of fun to drive. That's all I've done for the last two days! Thank you.
My new obsession. These are just fun to drive, or should I say try to drive. :)
Great car & thanks for the new skins!
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