argHUD 1.07

No permission to download
I have a little problem! Leaderboard names is not working because everybody is HAM and i dont think whta is problem. Ports is good. IDK pls help me. But is vbery very good hud!
Man, it's a great job. You did not codemaster, you did.
My request from you; Knowing pit-stop numbers, wheel conditions, how many rows of rising and falling, and finally the person who made the fastest lap.

It works but you MUST download the 1.06 version if you want all
I can play F1 2019 full screen with arg-HUD a perfect fit only missing few minor things overall 5-star
driver names dont work but speedometer works fine just the names dont change from ham. lap counter is fine just not the names. hope you respond
the names of the pilots do not change
thx for work :P
how to downbload/install leaderboard in the screen ?
Resizing doesn't seem to work but everything else works fine. Nice mod !
Just awesome, it's not the real official overlay but i think it's better that custom version.
Great work as always!!!
F1 2019 work?
awesome but i can't size it
Please help
it seems awesome from the photoes but it is not working to me.I have put the files in f1 steam files like a new file with all theothers.I have followed the phot upper and i did it fullscreen (window) but it still not working.Have i done anything wrong?????
It works well. Remember to set FULL SCREEN WINDOWED mode in graphic options. Its works external the game and only is show in game if you set graphics correctely.
You can set your windows bar to hide automatically.

O aplicativo funciona sim. Mas tem que ajustar a opção de gráficos para o modo de janela (tela cheia). O aplicativo roda externamente ao jogo, e será mostrado sobre a tela do jogo se fizer esta opção gráfica.
Para esconder a barra do windows, basta ir em configações e escolher a opção ocultar automaticamente.
I can't size this :(
Sirve para la versión 1.16? una sola ves pude hacerlo andar, me aparece en el escritorio pero en el juego no. si podrías dar posibles soluciones te lo agradeceríamos
for me already an essential addon to the game, thank you. Hopefully you make it for 2019 too.
Não funciona:
Mostrado na área de trabalho, mas quando eu entro no jogo desaparece
It doesn't work:
Shown on desktop but when I enter game dissapears
Very good job! But i have a problem idk why... Everything appears in the upper left corner of my screen, and they overlap each other and can not be seen correctly. How can I fix it or move each one to its correct position? Keep the good work ;)
driver short names dont change
even when im restarting
Does it work online??
Sure its cool but i cant open it
otherwise really good! but ERS bar is missing, and i wish the speedometer showed RPM instead of top speed. Most annoying thing though is that in multiplayer your preferred names in preferences dont work, this is bad because in league races people use 3 letter tags infront of their names so everyone in timing tower appear with same 3 letter name.
Awesome mod! First time works for me but now when im open it nothing happened. Can you tell me whats the problem? I'm reinstalled the hud and the game too and not works. Thank you!
I'm unsure how to get resizing to work. Good app and useful, I just want it to take up less space on the screen.
Crashes when I start racing
I qualify again, because at last I worked, hopefully I keep it updated, it only has a delay in the speedometer hud.
Great work, works well, but I have a small, not very influential problem - markers of the times and position 20 in my timetable is slightly shifted, like they didn't have enough space. Can anyone help me, how to fix it?
This app is fantastic,thanks :)